Tactical Laser Tag Essentials

Laser tag is a fun game for kids of all ages to play. Not only does it challenge your critical thinking and reaction skills, but it also takes quite a bit of physical effort to really perform well. While you could just pick up a laser tag gun and hit the course, a little tactile preparation will help you win the battle and make you a formidable opponent. Join us in today’s post as we discuss some of the tactical essentials to winning a round of laser tag.

Rally the troops.

Many times, laser tag games are played with teams made up of random players who all just happen to be ready to play at the same time. Teams will consist of players ranging in age, experience, and skill level. This is all part of the fun. However, like all good teams, to have a shot at winning, players must all be on the same page. Exercise leadership and rally your teammates before the round begins. Make sure everyone understands how to use their weapon and who is on the team — avoid friendly fire! Here, you can identify players strengths and weaknesses.

Conduct pre-battle checks.

Before the round begins, check your equipment. Make sure it is working and the vest is securely fastened to you. Make sure your hair isn’t obstructing your view and your shoes are tied. Check to make sure there is nothing that will fall off you while you play and take off any jackets that will only make you hotter during play. And, right before you enter the laser tag arena, check your ego at the door. Competition and winning are fun, but it is just a game! Have fun with it.

Keep a low profile.

Laser tag is all about moving and hunting your opponents. Not only is it no fun to find a hiding place and hunker down, but some people would consider it cheating. Head into battle with a solid movement plan that includes tactical movements that keep you from being hit. Move in fast, short bursts from one safe spot to the next, and when you can crawl to keep a low profile. Staying low will prevent you from being easily seen.

Cover your buddy.

Before the round begins, your team should break off into pairs. Players should move in buddy teams so that they can cover each other during movement and create 360-degree defense when you are still. You and your partner should watch as each other moves and lay suppressive fire to prevent the player who is moving from being hit by an opponent. When you cover each other’s movements, you can move quicker and safer.

Make it rain.

The fun part about laser tag is it isn’t real ammunition and reloading your weapon doesn’t take long. Since this is the case, there is no reason to conserve ammunition, so don’t! Maintain a steady round of firing that is sure to hit any player within range of your weapon. Harness the power of your weapon and make it rain laser rounds the entire game. Fire all your rounds, quickly reload and do it again. Your opponents will be hard pressed to charge you if you are continually firing. This is also tactically proficient in ensuring that even if your opponent does get a hit on you, you can return the favor.

Become an expert shot.

The key to winning laser tag is shooting with precision and accuracy. If you have never fired a weapon before, that’s okay, laser tag guns are extremely forgiving. But, with a little practice and remembering a few marksmanship basics, you can wield your laser tag gun like a true battle-hardened warrior. Unfortunately, when you play laser tag, you will be playing with a laser tag gun that cannot be calibrated or adjusted to you. You’ll just pick up a gun and go. This is where the application of Kentucky windage will come into play. The principal is fairly simple, since you cannot adjust the weapon, you’ll have to adjust your shot instead. Focus on a target and fire, notice where the shot hits. When you have identified where the shots are being fired, you can then adjust your aim to counter it. For instance, if you shoot dead center at your target and all of your hits are up and to the left, you can adjust your aim down and to the right to hit dead center.

Laser tag is an enjoyable game for small kids as well as grown adults. If you are looking to challenge your friends to a round of laser tag, head to your local family entertainment center like Rebounderz! For more information about our laser tag game, visit us online or stop by today!

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