Baking Different Types of Birthday Cakes

Making a Birthday Cake

One way to significantly lower the amount of money you’re currently spending on your child’s birthday party is to bake your own cake. Now, before you gasp with shock, let us explain why making the cake is a good idea.
When making the birthday cake, you don’t have to worry about spending $30 to $50 on a gorgeous cake that will only last a few hours. When you buy birthday cakes at a bakery, you don’t always get a choice about what the cake will look like, or even what is in the cake. If your party has dietary requirements, some bakeries won’t be able to oblige — this is almost a guarantee if you buy the cake at your local grocery store.
Baking your own birthday cake also gives you more control over what your child and their guests are ingesting. For example, some cakes can have an overload of sugar content, that could make your guests turn into little wild animals. Baking your own cake can give you assurance that you know what is in the cake.
Better still, baking the cake yourself will give you domain over what the cake tastes like. For example, if you like unique flavors or want to make your birthday cake special, a homemade baking job will be able to see your vision become a reality.
Baking your own cake might seem like an easy task, but few really understand the pressure and work it takes to make a truly beautiful cake. That is why so many bakeries exist! Baking is difficult, especially if your “flying blind.” It is important that you have a clear vision for your cake and allow yourself a few errors in the first trial. It is really important when baking your cake that you know what you want the final product to look like. The first thing you must determine about your cake is how many layers you want it to be.

Types of Birthday Cake

Deciding what type of cake you want to bake will determine the difficulty level of the baking project. There are many different types of cakes. For simplicity’s sake, we have narrowed down the options into four categories: sheet cakes, multi-layered cakes, towering cakes, and shape cakes.

Sheet Cake

Sheet cakes are less difficult and a more forgiving baking project to take on. Sheet cakes are also a great choice for kids’ parties because they are simpler to cut and makes proportions more manageable. Sheet cakes are typically baked in rectangular pans. Once the cake is fully baked, you can decorate it whichever way you like. With sheet cakes, you won’t have to worry about tearing the surface or having the cake topple over. Sheet cakes are easy to bake and easy to decorate, which is why they are the most popular party cake.

Multi-Layered Cakes

Multi-layered cakes can be less forgiving and require a bit of planning. For one, you will have to plan for enough frosting to cover both the outer-part of the cake, as well as between the layers. If you plan to do more than two layers, you will have to strategically plan out how much frosting you will need. If you do not make enough frosting, your cake will not look even and the inner part of the cake will taste dry.
When it comes to multi-layered cakes, waxed paper and your timing device will be your best allies. Waxed paper will help you move the layers and place them on the cake easier, without the risk of breaking. WARNING: If you try to move the cake layers with your hands, they will break and you will have ruined the layer.
Your timer will be an ally because you rely on it to bake the cake to exactly the right time. If you burn the cake, if will be harder to decorate. If the cake is not fully cooked, it will lose its form and spill over the rest of the cakes layered — essentially ruining the entire thing.

Towering Cakes

If you trust your own skills and would like to take on a towering cake, do so with caution. A towering cake will require patience and grace. One nick to the surface could disrupt the entire shape of the cake. Not only that, but in order to make a towering cake, you will either have to have different shapes of baking tins or invest in cake fondant. You can either make the fondant or buy it. However, buying is probably your best option, as fondant is notoriously tricky to make. It is best, if you are indeed attempting a fondant cake, that you look up how to place it on the cake successfully. If you place the fondant on the cake incorrectly the first time, there is no way to reverse your mistake.
When it comes to towering cakes, consistency is the most important thing. If one layer is thicker than the other, it could weight the whole cake down or topple over. One way to combat gravity from taking hold is by creating a stabilizer within the cake, such as a pole attached to the base dish. By having something holding the layers together, your cake won’t be victim to gravity or any uneven measurements.

Shaped Cakes

When it comes to shaped cakes, you have no choice but to rely on fondant. Shapes are almost impossible to decorate without fondant because it allows the surface to become smooth. If you try to cut the cake and then decorate it without fondant, the cake will fall apart. Fondant will help not only keep the shape of your cake together, but make sure it doesn’t crumble when you begin to decorate it. Shaped cakes are tricky, especially if you don’t have a lot of practice with a cake-cutting knife. It is important when cutting into a cake that you make small fast motions. Do not just start cutting chunks of cake! Be sure to think every cut strategically and be sure to take your time.


A birthday cake is a huge piece of any celebration. However, no matter how great the cake ends up being, a party is only as good as its entertainment. If you want your child’s party to be fun and exciting, take them and their guests to an indoor trampoline park, like Rebounderz! At Rebounderz, we have dozens of fun activities that will keep them and their guests entertained for hours! Contact us!

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