Ways to Save Money for Kids Birthday Parties

Saving Cash During Birthday Season

For some parents, money can run tight, which only makes birthdays more stressful. But, have no fear! Instead of angsting about the money you have to spend, digging through your couch for loose change, or whatever other methods you use to scrounge up quick cash; there is an easier way! Rebounderz has compiled a list of fun ways to throw your own kid’s birthday party. With our inventive list, you can learn new ways to make each celebration special, without breaking the bank. Better yet, our methods can be made enjoyable for the whole family, which will make you look like a super-parent!

Designing the Birthday Cake

One item at a birthday party always seems to be the most expensive: birthday cake. For some reason, birthday cakes are always overpriced whether they are custom-made or bought at a bakery or grocery store. No matter where they are purchased, they can be tasty — there can be no denying that. But, some store-bought cakes can seem a little dry and lesser quality. With custom cakes, most come out gorgeous and unique to your specific tastes, however, they can also be exceedingly expensive. Worse, though they may be beautiful, they only stay that way until cut and eaten. So, why spend all that money for something that is just going to be eaten within the hour? Well, one way to combat this cake-to-wallet ratio problem is by designing the cake yourself. Before you gasp from shock, let us explain. Yes, you would be decorating the cake yourself, but if you are not a talented baker, you can always buy the base sheet cake at your local bakery. Sheet cakes are inexpensive and just as yummy as any other cake. Once you have your sheet cake, you have the control in what the sheet cake looks like. In this case, you and your family can make decorating the cake a holistic family experience and decorate the cake however you want! Though custom cakes are delivering you your exact specifications, a homemade cake is much more special because you have taken the time to make the cake your own.


Balloons are expensive. Which is surprising, based on the fact that they only last a few days. Nevertheless, balloons can be expensive depending on where you get them and what kind of balloons you get.
When it comes to birthdays, it is rare that you will ever see just one balloon. Many times, you will see at least a dozen. When you have a dozen balloons, you can have quite a hefty transaction total, especially based on what kind of balloon you have. For instance, plain colored balloons can relatively inexpensive and can be bought in sets so you can buy multiple types and colors. In places like Party City, or any grocery store balloons can cost up to $14 dollars — for just one balloon! The best way to get a lot of balloons for a better price is a dollar store. At the dollar store you can get balloons for, you guessed it, $1! That means, you can get 14 balloons, whereas anywhere else you would only get one!

Potluck Birthday

Party food can be expensive, especially if you are throwing a large party. Kids can also be very picky, which doesn’t help your cause at all. One way to combat picky eaters is by throwing a potluck birthday party. In a potluck celebration, every guest brings their own dish to share to the party. By doing this, each parent can bring a food that their child can eat and enjoy. This way, no one is left out and everyone is well fed. Also, children can try new and exciting dishes that they may not have tried otherwise.
Potlucks are a great way to also make sure there is enough food for everyone. Typically, with all your guests bringing some type of entree, there will be more food than needed, which will limit the likelihood of food shortages. Better still, potlucks give your party the appearance of a great big feast, which is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face.

Ditch the Party Favors

At some parties, hosts will give out little party favors to their guests. Though this is a great tradition, it can be quite taxing to the hosts for any reasons. For one, party favors can be time-consuming. It takes time to find all the favors, divide them amongst every guest equally, and of course, place them in individually wrapped baggies. All of the work that does into party favors is mostly wasted, as kids only really enjoy their gifts for thirty minutes and lose interest. Therefore, you not only lost valuable hours of your life constructing the favors, but you lost money paying for all the little trinkets in the first place.

Kid’s Party Games

One way to still have a successful birthday, but skip the expensive party favors, is to keep all the guest as occupied as possible. This is no easy task, and to treat it as a minor factor could lead to your party’s downfall. The key to any good party is its entertainment. No matter how good the food is at a party, if there is no stimulating entertainment, all your guests will be bored and leave early. Because of this, party games and other entertainments are a necessity. If you child is born in the summer, a common party game is a water balloon toss. However, though this classic game is fun, it can be wasteful, short-lived, and a disaster to clean up. With water balloons, you need a lot of water to fill them yet. More importantly, you need a lot of balloons to keep a party entertained for at least an hour. After all the balloons have been popped, the hosts must then pick all the elastic balloon carcases up and off their lawn. One way to keep this game, but make it less of a pain, is by remodeling the game. For example, you can offer the guest who picks up the most balloon pieces a secondary prize. This way, you will not only have a clean lawn but very happy guests.

If perhaps, party games are not the way you want to go, finding an incredible kid’s party venue could really bring your party to the next level. At Rebounderz, we offer families a great venue that is both safe and affordable.Not only that, but we also offer party groups an exclusive party room to enjoy cake and open presents. Have your child’s party at Rebounderz and see how a venue can transform your party!

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