Basketball Fundamentals: An Overview

Is your child enamored with the sport of basketball? Would they like to be the next Michael Jordan? It takes a lot of work to gain real skill in the sport, but there’s a lot of fun to be had along the way. When you want to combine fun and learning, you can always take your kids to our Apopka trampoline park basketball court. But if you’re really trying to build your child’s basketball skills, the best place to start is with the fundamentals. These are the most used skills in the sport, from which more advanced basketball skills can be built upon. Here, we will list some of the most important basketball fundamentals, as well as some ways to improve them.

Lay Ups

Lay ups make or break a basketball game; they are the primary way points are scored. At the professional level, layups made should hover right about 100% without a defender blocking them. That may seem daunting to the basketball newbie, but regular practice will show improvement and make the goal seem much more manageable. There are a wide range of lay up drills that you can use to build your child’s skills while also improving ball control.


Lay ups may be where most of the points are scored, but a good defense can shut that down pretty quick. When that happens, your kid’s team may have to rely more on the long shots. Both foul shots and three pointers can make a huge difference in game, even if their success rate tends to be lower than layups. Here are some great shooting drills to build you kid’s skills. If your child is getting tired of practicing their free throws, you can always take them to our Apopka trampoline park basketball court for a little boost in motivation!


Even if your kid is a natural point scoring machine, that won’t be enough to make it to the big leagues. Being able to work seamlessly with your team wins games above all else. Part of that can only come from playing, but the best way to improve teamwork mechanically is to build good passing skills.

Ball Handling

By ball handling, we mean the integration of dribbling, passing, and understanding how they work together to get the team to the opponent’s side of the court with ball in possession. Between building good shooting and ball handling techniques, your kid will be able to wow onlookers with their skills both on and off the court. Here are some good ball handling drills.


The ability to score points doesn’t mean much if your opponents can match or exceed you. You need to be able to keep the other team from scoring too. Balance and the ability to read your opponent are key. Here are some good tips for improving your kid’s defense.


Hopefully this information comes in handy on your child’s journey to stardom. If they want to take a break from the intense training, let them try out our Apopko trampoline park basketball court. They’ll be able to improve their skills, have fun with peers, and maybe get that extra spark of motivation. Give us a call for more information.

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