Who wouldn’t want to play for an afternoon? At Rebounderz of Sterling, Virginia, we offer many different types of attractions that encourage your youngsters be active and play. Though our attractions are active-intensive, they are also extremely fun and can include everyone! Our attractions, such as our trampoline arena, our ninja warrior course, our dodgeball court, and our slam ball court, can include everyone from the young to the elderly.

Groups are Welcome!

Best of all, our attractions can be used as a group or by a single person. For example, you can use the trampoline arena to jump by yourself or use it with your friends and family. Because of the size of our indoor trampoline park, we are able to house all of our attractions and all of our customers. So, don’t worry about there not being enough room, there is plenty of space for everyone to jump!

Friendly Competition

If you are part of a group, you can play games with each other on our attractions as well. Together, you and your group can play exciting, action-packed games such as dodgeball or slamball. These two games are fun, fast paced, and have the potential of being competitive. You and your group can split up into two different groups and compete in a game or two. Not to mention, whichever team wins has bragging rights until the next trip to Rebounderz!

Teaching Experiences

When you and your group come to Rebounderz, you can use the time you spend at our indoor trampoline park to teach your group members lessons. For example, if someone in your party doesn’t know how to play slamball or dodgeball, you can use that time to teach them. Also, if you bring your young kids to Rebounderz, it is an excellent place to teach lessons on sharing, playing well with others, and conflict resolution. These lessons are obviously important to teach young children, and Rebounderz gives you a safe place to facilitate these teachable skills.

Exercise…but Fun

As stated previously, Rebounderz give you and your group a fun-filled afternoon or evening where you can bounce to your heart’s content. However, while you are bouncing, you are also working out your body’s muscles. Yes, that means exactly what you’d think — exercise! As you might know, exercise is not always fun. It takes time and effort to work out, which is not easy for any hard-working person. However, when you come to Rebounderz, the whole experience changes significantly. Instead of groaning about going to a smelly gym, you are going to a playground where people jump with joy!

Open Even during Poor Weather

Rebounderz is an excellent option if you want to encourage your group to stay active, especially in the winter and summer seasons. Because our indoor trampoline park is temperature controlled, no matter how wet, cold, or hot it gets outside, Rebounderz is always a comfortable atmosphere for you and your group. This can be beneficial when the weather is poor outside and young kids don’t want to play. Rebounderz offers you another option to keep your kids active, no matter the heat or cold.


Because our indoor trampoline park primarily cares for young kids, our business is extremely safe. We pride ourselves on being a wonderful place for children because we are both safe from outside dangers, as well as dangerous falls from our equipment. At Rebounderz, we are also an enclosed space, so you never have to worry about your kids escaping and getting lost or harmed; this obviously takes a lot of stress off you and will allow you to enjoy the park alongside them.


When you bounce at Rebounderz, your mind can wander. Children are exceptionally good at thinking creatively and imaginatively. At Rebounderz, this style of thinking is only reinforced as they can imagine themselves as a ninja in our ninja warrior course or an NBA star at our slamball court. Imagination is an important skill to practice as a child, and when your youngsters are given the opportunity to use their creativity, they will be able to grow into mentally healthy adults.


At Rebounderz, we are prepared to handle any of your requests. For example, if your child trips and falls, we will be there with a band-aid and an ice pack! Also, say if it is your kid’s birthday, we have an in-house party room specifically designed to help contain your party and give you a calm space away from the playground.

At Rebounderz, we do our best to provide you, your children, or your party with the best service and a comfortable space to enjoy each others company. If you live in the Sterling, Virginia area, come by your local Rebounderz! We would be happy to have you and your group come and enjoy our park. If you have any questions about our indoor trampoline park, do not hesitate to contact us! One of our kind representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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