Right or Left Brain? Rebounderz Makes You Use Both!

As a child we often use our imagination. We pretend we are someone else, or that we are doing something else; often, something exciting or adventurous. At the same time in our lives, we are also trying to think, learn, and understand the world around us. As a child, the ability and freedom to dream and use intuition provides for stable development and a healthy brain.
At Rebounderz we believe in the power of imagination, as well as the ability to problem solve. It is often brought up in psychology, that the human brain in comprised of two separate sections: the left and right brain. At our outdoor trampoline park, our trampolines, obstacle courses, and our other attractions all help develop your child’s brain to use both sides of their brain!

These “sides” of the brain are called hemispheres.The left and right hemisphere differ from each other in everyday functions they perform. For example, the left brain or left hemisphere is responsible for thought control such as logic and analytic thought. This side of the brain is also responsible for interpreting language, science, and math. The left brain controls the right side of the body, which includes the right hand. If you are a right handed writer, you use your left brain more than you would think.

In comparison, the right brain is in control of the left side of the body. This hemisphere is responsible for more artistic and creative thought. The right side of the brain is primarily used in imaginative states, intuition, creativity, and music awareness. The right hemisphere is also used for identify 3-D forms and holistic thoughts.

The theory of this right brain-left brain distinction originated in the Nobel Prize winning work of Roger W. Sperry. While studying the effects of epilepsy in 1981, Sperry had found that by cutting into the corpus callosum (the connected bridge between the two hemispheres) seizures would be eliminated or reduced. With this finding, more studies were conducted on the functions of the corpus callosum, especially as more people were found with symptoms of poorly connected left and right brain hemispheres. Sperry, found that people suffering with split brain that was focused on one side of the brain were unable to do certain tasks such as interpret language or name objects. It was then that Sperry concluded that the dominance of either part of the brain must be part of the reason. He found later, that patients that were right brain dominant had more difficulty with interpreting language; that is how Sperry made his finding that the left hemisphere is responsible for language.

Surprisingly enough however, your mind doesn’t work consistently switching from one hemisphere to the other. In fact, the left and right brains are very similar and often can occur simultaneously. For example, when you listen to a song on the radio, you are using both the right brain to interpret the language of the song, and the left brain to identify the melody.
Though are many instances that the left and right brain can work copacetically, in many instances there is a clear distinction, especially faced with a certain task.
Using your brain to actively dream and problem solve is extremely healthy for the brain, as it is benefited from use. At Rebounderz, we strive to provide children with a playground of sorts, that allows their minds to develop. If you live in the Apopka area, you might want to think about stopping by! Your child will be able to submerge themselves in a playground to let their imaginations run wild; simultaneously, they will be able to use their problem solving skills to maneuver through our obstacle courses. At Rebounderz, we are proud to serve our community, and even more proud of the role we play in your child’s mental development. Visit us online today!

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