Birthday Party Snacks Kids Love

When you’re throwing a kid’s birthday party, there are a lot of things you have to consider. One of the biggest tasks to be handled is what you’ll feed all of the young, hungry and energetic party guests. If you choose traditional sugary treats like cupcakes and ice cream, it can increase your stress and their hyperactivity. With that in mind, we’ve gathered some of the best kid’s birthday party snacks for healthy options they’ll love. When you’re looking for a location to hold your child’s next birthday party, look no further than Rebounderz Trampoline Park in Lansdale.


Quick, easy, portable and healthy; edamame is a snack that is sure to please. Their attractive green color, great taste, and protein make for a great side or replacement for potato chips. If you really want to have a hit on your hands, throw shelled edamame beans in with some olive oil and kosher salt, and roast them up in the oven. Try them warm and fresh out of the oven for a toasty treat that can’t be beat.

-Carrots and Hummus

This one is delicious and easy to prepare, which makes it ideal for party planning. While you might think kids wouldn’t like hummus, most of them actually like it a lot as long as they don’t know it’s made from beans or chickpeas. If you can find them, try rainbow carrots for an extra colorful spread. Hummus is pretty easy to make at home, so you can play around with different flavors to give everyone options. The great thing about hummus is how well it pairs with just about everything, so don’t feel limited to carrots when celery, broccoli, and peppers can all add more healthy variety.

-Ants on a Log

This snack is a classic for a reason. Not only is it easy to prepare, its a healthy option that has a bit of sweetness. You can swap out the peanut butter for sunflower butter to avoid issues with nut allergies. Use raisins, cranberries, or dried cherries to mix it up and give options for flavors. This snack is a great one to prepare with your little ones, so get them involved in adding the toppings!

-No Bake Oatmeal Cookies

Just because you’re going for healthy snacks doesn’t mean you can’t have some cookies! No bake oatmeal cookies are incredibly easy to make and you can make alterations to them for fun variations. This is another option where sunflower butter makes a perfect substitution for kids with nut allergies. Try rolling them in unsweetened coconut for snowball cookies or press a small piece of dried fruit in the center for thumbprint cookies. If you have any leftovers after the party, these make a great treat to take in a lunchbox the next day.


Steer clear of the juice boxes with zero percent fruit juice and the sugar-filled soda for a healthier option. Blend up equal portions of fruit, yogurt, and either freshly squeezed fruit juice or milk. Serve them in small cups with colorful straws for a bright touch to the party. If you want to add even more nutrients, use greek yogurt for a boost of protein and flaxseed for some Omega-3s.

-Popcorn and Cheese Sticks

You might be surprised to learn that popcorn is actually nutritious thanks to its fiber content. Naturally, kids love popcorn, but it’s a good idea to pair it with cheese sticks, thanks to the protein they provide. While you can get prepackaged cheese sticks at the grocery store, they’re pretty easy to make at home with some toothpicks. Try different types of cheese, cut them into fun shapes, and spear them with the toothpick for a healthy treat.

-Granola Bars

While the granola bars you find at the store are all well and good, many of them are packed with added sugars, which essentially makes them candy bars. Instead, make some homemade ones. That way you can control what goes into the bar, while also giving kids some input in what they’d like. Not only are they delicious and easy to make, they’re also a fraction of the price of the ones you find at the grocery store.

-Yogurt Popsicles

For something cool and sweet, make some homemade yogurt popsicles to tie your kid’s birthday party together. Some fresh fruit and yogurt are all you need for this delightful snack. Take them to the next level with a cool popsicle mold to give them fun shapes. You might even be able to find a mold that fits the theme of the birthday party! Keep them in a bowl of ice or a cooler so everyone can grab them and go at their leisure.

There are a ton of healthy snacks that kids love you can have at your next birthday party. A little bit of creativity can make something old and unhealthy into a fresh and nutritious that will please everyone involved. For your kid’s next birthday party, why not have it here at Rebounderz Trampoline Park in Lansdale? Our trampolines are incredibly safe, the foam pit is a blast to play in and the Ninja Warrior course is the perfect challenge for athletic kids that want to show off their skills. Birthday parties at Rebounderz come with specially trained birthday party staff that will organize and set up the party and assist through the duration. That means less stress for you and more fun for everyone. We hope to see you soon!

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