Prepare for the Pros at Rebounderz Trampoline Park

In just a few days, the world will watch as the opening ceremonies of the greatest sports competition kicks off two weeks of the best athletes in the world showcasing their skills and bringing medals and honor to their home countries. If you have dreams of one-day being a professional athlete in your sport, relentlessly chase that dream! Rebounderz Trampoline Park is here to support your dreams of going pro and can offer some great training for many professional sports. Here are just a few examples of sports that you can train for at a trampoline park.


Another sport full of flips, twists, and precision air movement is gymnastics. Although trampolining may not help prepare for your gymnastics tumbling floor routine, the balance beam, or the bars, trampolining is a great way to allow gymnasts to practice jumps and flips on a more forgiving surface than the floor. Trampolining is also an excellent way to learn body awareness and practice the art of controlling every part of your body and where it will land. Trampolining also helps athletes become more comfortable with airtime, which comes in handy on the rings and un/parallel bars.


Diving is the sport most similar to trampolining, which makes trampolining and excellent cross-training workout for divers. There are significant differences, of course, such as the lack of water and that the diver is not jumping down into their landing area and must, instead, land upright. The trampoline is an excellent way to allow drivers to practice new flips and twists over and over again prior to bounding off of a diving board. The time saved staying on one surface as opposed to swimming to exit the pool, walking to the diving board, and climbing the stairs, allows divers to make three to four attempts on the same move on a trampoline as they would in the pool.


Snowboarding and other boarded sports with aerial tricks can benefit from trampoline time. Similar to diving, these sports spend a lot of time in the air, but getting to the top of a half pipe from the bottom often takes more time than the run itself. Turning to a trampoline can provide the athlete with the opportunity to practice their routine more in less time. Many sports that involve a board, such as skateboarding, water skiing, and surfing, have created modified boards that can be used on a trampoline to help maximize training time. Most of the professional rating points for these athletes come from flips and landing them with precision, which a trampoline can help with.


Okay, so that one was a little obvious! Not many people are aware that as of 2012, trampolining was added to the summer Olympics sports event roster! Trampolining is a sport that requires a lot of endurance and technical skill to precisely land jumps and perform in-air acrobatics that earns athletes rating points. The professional size trampoline is 10 feet by 17 feet, much larger than any backyard trampoline. To find large enough trampolines in an area that is safe enough to practice dramatic flips and twists, head to your nearest Rebounderz trampoline park.

If you or your little ones have dreams of becoming a professional athlete, keep training, keep trying, and never stop dreaming. If you need more practice than you can get in the gym or in your specific sports training arena, come to Rebounderz Trampoline Park. Keeping in shape and practicing your flips, even in the offseason, is what will set you apart from your competitors. Rebounderz of Jacksonville has been supporting the dreams of future professional athletes since it opened its doors. Come check out our facility today!

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