Boredom is Healthy for Your Kids

Boredom is Necessary

Boredom is healthy for your kids!

We have all felt that nagging, empty feeling like there is nothing to do. The feeling is annoying, but little did we know boredom is actually healthy for you — especially for your kids! Yes, in fact, Gallup polls have found that one in five parents strongly agree that boredom is actually good for their kids. But why?
Well, the common idea is that boredom is necessary to appreciate when you are busy. However, there are other theories to why boredom is good for children. In this blog, we will discuss why boredom is actually a good thing for your kids.

Ideas about boredom

Some people believe that in boredom, we can appreciate when we are busy with things to do. Others, however, view boredom as a sign that they aren’t doing enough in their lives. The following are reasons why boredom is a benefit to your child.

Boredom encourages imagination and creativity.

Boredom can be a device children use to exercise their creativity. When kids are bored, they are able to think imaginatively to occupy their time. This can be extremely beneficial, as children with active imaginations are happier and generally, healthier. Though you should not try to make your child bored, you should also feel the obligation to fill their time. Allowing them to create and imagine when they are bored in necessary for helping them build a healthy mind.

Boredom develops problem-solving skills.

When children are bored, they will often complain to their parents. However, it is not completely your job to fill your child’s every waking moment with something to do. Sometimes, it is good to do nothing so that your child can build important problem-solving skills. They can build these skills by realizing that their parents aren’t going to entertain them and that they will have to learn to entertain themselves. Typically, when children decide to entertain themselves, they will choose to do things that are good for them. For instance, they can lay down for a nap, paint, play, and even write a story. All of these activities are healthy for them, and the best part is, they have decided to do it for themselves.

Boredom develops new skills.

While your child is bored, they will decide to partake in activities to occupy their time. This can mean that they use this time to develop current or newer skills. For instance, while your child is bored they can grow interests in other skills, such as art, music, and sports. Through boredom, children can find other things that interest them. When children dully look at a television screen, they aren’t improving their skills set. Allowing your child time in the day to ponder and think of things that interest them can be extremely beneficial.

Boredom helps children form stronger bonds.

When you’re bored, you are more likely to do things you don’t normally do. For instance, when you are bored, you may decide to call a friend or spend time with someone you haven’t seen in a while — children are no different. When children are bored, they are much more likely to contact their friends and even their family. This can help your child build lasting relationships with their friends and family.

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