The Benefits of Having a Late Birthday

Late Birthdays at Rebounderz of Sterling

Every year, kids get one day that is all about them — their birthday! Well, let’s be honest, most days are about them, but their birthday is by far one of the most important!
When you are a child, your birthday is a magical time in which the anticipation of a party, cake, and presents, is almost too much to handle. At Rebounderz, we offer a fun, safe, and exciting place to host your child’s birthday. No matter what month your child was born in, they are sure to have a fantastic time among our trampolines and obstacle course. Though every birthday is special, in this blog, we are going to explain why having a birthday in the later part of the year is actually beneficial to your child.

The Struggle With Late Birthdays

Many people complain that having a late birthday isn’t actually a benefit. Why? Well, if you are born in October, November, or December, it is likely that your birthday can be overshadowed by a major national holiday. Worse, if you are born in close proximity to the day of a holiday, your birthday can sometimes we grouped with another celebration. For instance, if you were born on October 31st or November 24th, your birthday is likely to be grouped with Halloween or Thanksgiving. For many people, this coupling of holidays and birthdays can be annoying and troublesome. Though there are reasons to become frustrated by late birthdays, there are benefits too!


If you have a birthday later in the year, you are likely to be the youngest one in your class. And, if you were held back a year, you will be the oldest one in your class. Being the youngest in your class will means they you will always look a bit younger. Though being younger isn’t really a benefit when your kids are in grades school, in college and beyond, they can use their youth to their advantage. Instead of looking exactly their age, your child can look younger than the rest of the kids.

Fun Months

When you have your birthday later in the year, that means the fall and winter are a collection of super fun months. Think about it, you can celebrate some major event three months in a row! Most people have to wait months after their birthday to have a “fun month.” But a person born in the late fall and winter gets three whole months of nonstop fun!

Everyone is in School for Your Birthday

When your child is born in the early or middle part of the year, there is a chance that school might be out on vacation. When children have birthdays in the spring and summer, schools can be let out of weeks, even months. This means that there is a likely chance that your child’s class will be on vacation during your child’s birthday. This, of course, means that your child might not get the fun-filled birthday every single year. But, with late birthdays, children are typically around and in school. Of course, a major exception is if your child was born during the November and December holidays.

Rebounderz of Sterling

Rebounderz of Sterling ensures that every birthday party is special, no matter when it is celebrated. At our indoor trampoline park, you and your child can utilize our exciting attractions, as well as our trampoline arena and obstacle course. Here, your child and their birthday guests can play fun games for hours and fully enjoy their birthday. And, not only do we provide the entertainment for your party, but we can also provide food, drinks, and a reserved space for your birthday party. If you are interested in the birthday fun that Rebounderz offers, visit our website to view our birthday packages. And, if you are interested in bouncing for an evening, join us at our local Sterling Rebounderz.

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