Bringing Summer Campers for Active, Indoor Fun

There are two words a kid couldn’t love more and a parent typically dreads: Summer Vacation. While kids get go to off and have a great time, parents are still stuck at work  wondering what to do with their kids so that they are cared for and don’t get into trouble. Summer camp often becomes the go-to choice for many parents, and that’s great! Summer camps are a great way for kids to make friends, have structured and monitored play, and continue to learn new things during the time away from school.

There are a wide variety of activities that summer camps may participate in across the Sterling area to help enrich the time that kids spend at camp. These summer camps can include things like arts and crafts, trips to the National Zoo, days at the local pool, or afternoon trips to Rebounderz trampoline park. Consider these reasons to encourage your child’s summer camp to schedule trips to Rebounderz in Sterling this summer.

Active Play

With childhood obesity rates on the rise, one of the best ways to prevent this problem and to help lower rates of childhood diabetes is to encourage kids to be active every day. There’s a mentality that a calm child is one that is the best behaved, but here at Rebounderz, we encourage active play. Active play is important for both health and wellness, as well as to help with overall brain development. By bouncing and moving about at our trampoline park, kids are given the opportunity to burn off excess energy and really be kids in a safe and fun environment.

Avoid the Heat

Summers in Sterling can be exceptionally difficult. They get both hot and humid, making it miserable to get outside sometimes. That leaves many kids stuck inside during the hottest parts of the day in order to avoid dehydration, heat exhaustion, and other heat related illnesses. If your kids are begging to go play outside, but you find yourself saying no, suggest your child’s summer camp schedule times at Rebounderz trampoline parks in order to stay out of the heat and get in some great play time.

In addition to avoiding any heat related illnesses, you’re also making sure kids get out of the sun, especially during the hottest parts of the day. This means no sunburns and no need to worry about kids constantly reapplying sunscreen.

Unique Play

Time at Rebounderz trampoline parks allows kids to expand their minds with unique play. It’s not every day that kids get to go play all over trampolines and come up with new and inventive ways to provide themselves with entertaining fun. This type of unique play can help to engage the imagination and flex those enterprising brain muscles.

If your child is going to be attending summer camp in the Sterling area this summer, talk to the camp or day care about regular visits to the Rebounderz trampoline park located in Sterling. For safe and engaging fun, you can’t ask for a better activity for kids. In addition, our summer camp rates are priced for maximum entertainment at a low group price. Find out more about of summer camp slots available by contacting us today!

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