Apopka Trampoline Summer Camp

Summer is short for your kids but can be long for you. Sign your children up for day camp to help them learn new skills, make new friends, and stay active all summer long. It’ll make their summer better and yours.

Seven reasons you should send your kids to day camp

  1. Keep your kids active. For most children, the days of heading out in the morning to play with friends all day, only returning in time for dinner, are gone. We just don’t live in that kind of world anymore. As our culture and lifestyles have changed, it has become normal for children to develop a routine of turning to a screen every time they have any down time. The structure of an active day camp, like the Rebounderz summer camp programs in Apopka, provide fun, interactive exercise for your kids which is good for their bodies and their brains.
  2. Build your child’s confidence. Spending time away from home and the watchful eye of parents gives your child an opportunity to have independent experiences — successes and failures — that help them learn and become more confident in their abilities to deal with the world on their own terms.
  3. Improve social skills. Summer camp is a great opportunity for your kids to make new friends, practice making their own decisions, and learn more about choices and consequences. When mom and dad aren’t around, kids have to resolve conflicts on their own. Or they’ll be dealing with adults with conflict resolution skills that may be different than what they experience at home or in school.
  4. Learn to try new things. At camps like the Rebounderz day camp in Apopka, your children will have the opportunity to try things they’ve never done before. Team competitions, arts and crafts, and trampoline jump time are just a few of the things your kids will experience at our Extreme Fun Summer Day Camp.

  5. Create a foundation for success. Day camp gives your child an opportunity to learn new things at their own pace and to try new things. Their experience at day camp can help you make decisions about your child’s readiness for overnight summer camp or other activities that will build on their day camp experience and help them continue to develop new life skills.
  6. Get unplugged. Whether it is a cell phone, tablet, video game or television screen, there is no denying that our children spend way too much time with technology and not enough time interacting in person with live human beings. Children who attend our trampoline camps don’t even miss their technology. They’ll be more excited to tell you about the day’s adventures and less anxious to get back to their games, phones and television shows.
  7. Reinvention. Just like adults, children can get stuck in certain roles within a family, at school, and with a group of friends. Spending an extended amount of time with new people — adults and children alike — helps them develop a sense of self and better understand the role they want to play in their relationships with others.

Stop by Rebounderz in Apopka with your children today and try out all of our activities. Talk to our staff and learn more about our summer programs. You can sign up while you are there or on our website. We look forward to having your child join us for summer camp. We know they’ll have a great time.


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