Celebrate Your Graduation With a Trampoline Party!

Congrats Grad — Now Jump!

It is that time of year when we must make the painful goodbyes to our friends, professors, and mentors. As the school year draws to a close, it is important to remember all the good times you have had in school. At the same time, as you reflect you will need to think about how you want to celebrate this major cornerstone in your life. Graduation celebrations are rare, which is why you want to make sure you celebrate them to the fullest. Typically, you will invite your family and friends to your home and have a huge party. However, there are definitely drawbacks to hosting a graduation party at your own house. In our previous blogs, we have discussed in depth why hosting parties at your home can be an absolute disaster. Though it can be argued that our blog was specifically about kid’s birthday parties — adult parties can be way messier and rambunctious.

Where to Celebrate?

Depending on how big of family you have, your home may not be able to accommodate that many people. Because of this, it is important to have access to an open area where everyone in your family can freely sit, stand, or talk as they please.
It is difficult to find one of these areas that will be able to take in a lot of people, entertain them, and give them a place to recline and catch up with their family members they haven’t seen in awhile. An obvious choice for a party location would be a public park, but parks often don’t have fencing, are in the harsh sunlight, and are not built to accommodate private parties. Rebounderz, however, is more than able to handle large groups and offer them a space to place food, desserts, and presents.

Private Rooms

At Rebounderz, we offer our customers a public bench area to sit and place items, such as shoes, purses, and jackets. But, for private parties, our indoor trampoline park also provides exclusive themed party rooms. If you want to host a private party, you have the option of choosing between a Rock ‘n Roll room, A Diva Boutique room, Special Ops room, a Beach Luau room, and an Extreme Sports room. These diverse options will help customize your party true to what you like. So, whether you want to celebrate your achievement in a tropical luau party or “rocking around the clock” at a rock n’ roll party, the choice is yours!


At your trampoline party — you call the shots. Which means any of the final choices about the party are completely up to you. To make party planning simple and easy, Rebounderz has segmented out the different types of parties we throw at our park.

For instance, the parties are structured in three distinct groups:

  1. The Ultimate Party Package
  2. The Rebounderz Plus Party Package
  3. The Rebounderz Party Package

Each of these parties comes with access to a variety of fun and entertaining activities. The Rebounderz Party package, for example, comes with a one hour jump time at our trampoline park, 10 $5 arcade players cards, and 10 30-minute jump passes. We also provide add-on party features, such as diverse food options, balloons, and candy.


You may ask, “What about food? How can I feed all of my hungry guests?” Well, Rebounderz has thought ahead for you; included in all of our party packages are pizza delivery options and several soda pitchers. The main variations between party packages are determined by how many people you have in your party. For instance, if you have 10 guests, Rebounderz will provide you with two included pizzas and soda pitchers! So, don’t worry about trying to make a reservation in a crowded restaurant, Rebounderz has lunch or dinner covered!

Available For All Ages

One of the greatest benefits of Rebounderz parks is that they are inclusive to all. No matter your age or even physical disabilities, everyone can enjoy something different when they come to our trampoline park. Whether you want to bounce on one of our trampolines or travel through our Ninja Warrior obstacle course, our park has something to offer every one of your guests.


If you are interested to have an unforgettable party, contact events team today. They are available Monday-Friday from 9:00- 5:00 pm, and are happy to help you coordinate your celebration. Contact us today!

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