Trampoline Party Packages At Rebounderz!

Time to Party

If you want to party like there is no tomorrow, Rebounderz has what you need. Whether you are celebrating a kid’s birthday party, a graduation, or even a coming-of-age celebration, Rebounderz is able to accommodate any party size at our trampoline park. Our event team works hard to make sure that our hosted parties are fun, well-decorated, and of course, well coordinated.
If you have an important event coming up, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of restaurant reservations, and house parties, perhaps considering a Rebounderz party would be better for you.
After all, our indoor trampoline park is built for people of all ages and physical capabilities, no matter how old you are, there is always something fun to enjoy at Rebounderz.

Food Included!

For one, food can always be a hair-pulling decision to make because not all kids like the same foods. There are also allergies to consider and certain food needs that some restaurants are simply unable to accommodate. Typically, kid’s birthday parties feature some sort of pizza dish as the main entre. Pizza is a dependable food to give to kids because few kids don’t like pizza and by purchasing a style like pepperoni, you don’t have to worry about picky eaters. And, if your party still has dietary restrictions, pizza can easily be adapted to fit those needs. Included in all our party packages are pizza and soda deals. That’s right! Rebounderz not only will provide your party a trampoline park, but we also offer food and drinks!

Party Packages We Offer

When planning a party, you have to think of every aspect: food, setting, entertainment, and event seating arrangements! All of these things should be figured out before the day of the party. Coordinating these factors can be exhausting, especially if you have a large group of children to look after. Luckily, Rebounderz offers three distinct packages that include food, drinks, trampoline time, jumping passes, arcade playing cards, and even themed private rooms! So, don’t stress about your upcoming party, simply call our Rebounderz event team and decide which party package you want!

The Rebounderz Party Package

The Rebounderz Party Package is based on parties with at least 10 jumpers. Included in this package is one hour of jumping time in our trampoline arena and an exclusive 30-minute Jump Pass for every 10 guests. The package also provides your party with an official party host or hostess who will help you coordinate seating, manage guests, and help set down desserts and presents. Each party package comes with two hours in your own private party room. Each party room can be specified to one of our five different party themes: Rock ‘n Roll, Beach Luau, Special Ops, Diva Boutique, and Extreme Sports. It is important if you would like your room decorated in any of these themes, to call Rebounderz ahead of time. Our party event team will be able to decorate your party before you or your guests arrive.

At each party, regardless of the theme or package, our park will provide colorful paper goods and official Rebounderz jump socks. For the guest of honor, he or she will receive their very own free Rebounderz t-shirt.

The Rebounderz Plus Party Package

In our Rebounderz Plus Party Package, you can get many of the same features in our regular package, with a few added items. In our second package, we offer our arena to 15 jumpers. We also give each jumper their own arcade player cards and 15-30 minute Jump Passes. These passes will allow them to jump around anywhere in our arena and gain special access during your party.
During this party, your guests may work up an appetite. Because they may have some rumbling bellies, Rebounderz offers your guests three large pizzas and three pitchers of soda. Included in this party package is use of your own party room for a two-hour period and a one-hour period of official jumping time. If you need any assistance this party package also offers you some help from one of our staff. They will act as the host/hostess of your party and help you coordinate playtimes, meals, and anything else you will need during your party.

The Ultimate Party Package

Our Ultimate Party Package is exciting because it offers the most features for a very large jumping party. In this package, 20 jumpers are allowed on our trampoline arena at the same time. In this package, you will also receive 20 $5 arcade player cards. You also will receive 20 different 20-30-minute Jump Passes. What sets this package apart from the others is that your party will receive four large pizzas, four pitchers of soda, 1 platter or tray of either fruit, veggies, or nachos, and one balloon bouquet. Your party will get an additional 30 minutes to your one-hour jump time as well. The 30 minutes jump time will be reserved after cake and presents.
If you have a large party, you want to make sure you rent out a space that will be able to accommodate your guests. Very rarely will there be a restaurant that will be able to handle a party of your size. Food orders will take a long time to receive, not to mention your overall bill will be expensive. Also, other places won’t give you the amount of breathable room as Rebounderz does. Parks and your home will either be too open or too small for comfort, which is why applying for the Ultimate Party Package is a better choice if you have a large party.

Added Features

When you sign up for one of our parties, Rebounderz will send out an exclusive e-vite invitation to all of your guests. So, don’t struggle with sending your guests physical invites, we have you covered! If you are interested in adding any balloons to your party, Rebounderz can sell you balloons for $1 each. And, if you have any dietary restrictions for your party, Rebounderz would be happy to add on gluten-free pizza options to your reservation order (for an added fee). Along with ordering a different style of pizza, you can also order a variety of trays, platters, and dessert options. For instance, Rebounderz can also offer your party ice cream and toppings to go along with your cake.


If you are interested in making your kid’s birthday party or graduation something special to remember, a Rebounderz party is the perfect way to do it! Our parties are safe, entertaining, and cover all the essential pieces that make an enjoyable celebration.
For each reservation at Rebounderz, there is a mandatory $100.00 deposit required at the time of booking. While you are in our facility the only outside food permitted is cake, so please don’t bring outside food into our park. When you arrive on the day of your party, your host or hostess will escort you to your official party room. There, your host will greet all your guests and give a few minutes to complete a birthday shout out. After that, your party will be directed to our play arena where they will be able to play for an hour. Once the hour is up, your hostess will round up your guests and bring them back to the private party room for cake and presents.

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