Where Should You Have Your Child’s Birthday Party?

Every parent loves celebrating their child’s birthday, but often are at a loss when it comes to party planning. You want to do something that will make your child happy, the guests happy, and hopefully not cause too much stress. This is where Rebounderz indoor trampoline arena comes in—we can help you plan a party that is sure to please! Wondering what the benefits of a trampoline party are? We’re glad you asked—read on to find out!

Get Out of the House!

If you have ever had a big kid’s birthday party at your house you know the struggles. Kids running every which way, spilling soda on the carpet, throwing toys, and coming dangerously close to precious breakable heirlooms. If you have a smaller house, there is no room for them to run, play, and get out all of that energy, and you will have to find ways to entertain them (and contain them). You are limited to the space constraints of your house, and if you have active kids and friends, this can be stressful. Plus, there is a lot of prep work involved in having a group of kids over to your home, and the cleanup afterwards can be exhausting! When you choose to have your party at Rebounderz, we provide a spacious location where kids have room to explore, and get out all of that energy! You don’t have to prep the space at all—everything is ready when you show up. Best of all, we handle all of the cleanup! After the party is over, leave the hard work to us!


You could spend hours trying to think of the best party games, decorations, and how to keep a group of kids happy. Or, you could choose Rebounderz and leave the party planning to us! We have Party Coordinators who will make sure that all of the details are taken care of, and we can work with you to handle any special requests. With work, school, and kid’s activities, planning a party can seem like a daunting task, so let us lighten your load. You will know that you are choosing a safe location that kids will love, where the activities, food, and fun are all accounted for!


You have planned the perfect birthday party at a local park where the kids can run and play, when the day of the party dark skies threaten your perfect vision. An outdoor party is dependent on the weather, and the weather doesn’t always cooperate. A party at an indoor trampoline park always has perfect weather, and you don’t need to worry about rain, wind, or it getting dark too early. The weather is just another factor that you don’t have to worry about when you choose Rebounderz!


After the location of a birthday party, figuring out what you’re going to feed ravenous children is the next hurdle. You could spend hours cooking, you could hope that your delivery food will be there on time, or you can have your party at Rebounderz and enjoy delicious pizza exactly when you need it. We make the food part of the party easy, and what kid doesn’t love pizza? Additional add-ons you can choose include lemonade, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, soda and tea, so you are sure to find the perfect food to complement your child’s party! We provide water bottles with each of our party packages, so you can be sure your guests will stay well hydrated as they are bouncing and jumping! Dealing with food planning can be a pain, but Rebounderz food options makes it easy!


What’s a birthday party without a cake? You are able to bring in your own cake to Rebounderz, so you can scratch-bake a culinary marvel or choose a local bakery favorite—it’s up to you! Many parents love to make or buy a cake that matches the theme of the party, or their little one’s favorite characters or sports. With our great location, clean-up taken care of, and food provided, the cake can be a fun outlet for creativity, something that you might not be able to spend time on if you were having the party at your house. Feel free to bring ice cream to complement your cake!

Dedicated Host/Hostess

Need more food? Another water bottle? We have you covered. Your party package at Rebounderz comes with a dedicated host/hostess who will ensure your experience with us is great. You can sit back and relax, catch up with other parents and friends, and watch your children happily bouncing while we do the hard work! When you book with us, we want to take the stress out of party planning and hosting, and having a dedicated helper is just one way we make the day easier for you.


We provide all the paper products you need, including plates, napkins, cutlery, and cups, and a tablecloth to decorate your party tables. You can also add-on additional balloons, and if you have ever tried transporting a large amount of balloons in your car, you know how valuable having them at the party location is! We have both latex and happy birthday mylar balloons to make your party space more special! As an extra perk, your special birthday child will get a t-shirt to take home and remind them of their great party! We even provide printable birthday invitations that will get your guests excited, and save you another trip to the store!

Save Money

Birthday parties can get expensive, once you pay for a location, food, a cake, and decorations. We make birthdays affordable, with our all-inclusive packages that include a great venue, food, drinks, paper products, and, most importantly, FUN! Choose Rebounderz to have a great birthday that is also easy on the wallet!

Happy Guests

When you invite a bunch of kids to a party, you want them to leave happy. Rebounderz will put a smile on any child’s face, and jumping is a great way to release stress, boost your mood, and make you happy! Instead of wondering how you will keep kids happy for the entire duration of your party, we provide a space where everyone can have fun. Whether your guests are perfecting their front flips, chasing each other, or playing dodgeball, the time will fly by and everyone will stay engaged and active. Keeping guests happy is a relief for parents, and make the party great!

Special Birthday Child

When planning your child’s birthday party, you want to do something special, out of the ordinary, and that they will have fond memories of. Going to Rebounderz trampoline arena is the perfect way to make your child’s birthday something that they eagerly look forward to and have a blast at! Create great birthday memories when you choose a fun party at Rebounderz!

So what are you waiting for? If your special birthday child has a birthday coming up, you should leave the planning, food, location, and fun to Rebounderz! All you need to do is show up, and we will give your child a birthday to remember!

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