Do You Know the Do’s and Don’t’s for Kid’s Birthday Parties?

Do you have to go to every party you are invited to? How much should you spend on presents? And who do you have to invite to your kid’s birthday? The world of kid’s birthday parties can be pretty stressful, especially considering if you are like most American families you have one or two to attend each month. If you are confused about the do’s and don’t’s of birthday parties, the team at Rebounderz in Edison is here to help. We’ve hosted hundreds of birthday parties in our trampoline park, and over the years we’ve learned a lot about what you should and shouldn’t do. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we hear from parents!

FAQ About Birthday Party Etiquette

At what age should I start having a birthday party with other children?

Most people want to have a birthday party for their child on their first birthday, but if you’ve ever attended a one-year-old’s party, you know it’s more for the adults than the kids. Most children could care less about a party at this age (and might get overwhelmed by the experience). Most children don’t really start to enjoy a birthday party until they are also old enough to really enjoy having friends over, say around the age of 4 or whenever they start school. This is a great time to start throwing them a birthday party and inviting some of their favorite playmates to join in the fun.

Who should I invite to my child’s birthday party?

Some schools actually have rules about birthday invitations in the classroom, so be sure to check. A lot of people follow the rule of the child’s age plus one; so for example, if your child is turning six, then they would invite seven friends to the party. That generally keeps things in check, size wise. However, if your child is especially social you might decide to invite more. If you end up inviting almost their entire class, though, you’ll need to invite everyone just to be polite. You can also consider just keeping it to all of one gender in the class, too, if that’s easier or more appropriate. If you only invite a few children from the class, that’s fine, but you might want to discuss the idea of discretion with your child so they don’t brag about the party in front of others.

Do I have to bring a gift? How much should I spend?

If your child is attending a birthday party, they should definitely bring a gift unless specifically asked not to on the invitation. Even if you can’t afford to bring a big gift, making up a batch of brownies or the child’s favorite treat is always a welcome gift (make sure to check with the birthday boy or girl’s mom before you start baking, though, just in case of allergies). There is no set rule for how much you should spend on a gift. That’s really up to the individual family’s budget. If you are attending two or three birthdays a month, then $20 a gift will add up quickly. It’s fine to spend $5 or $10; it’s the thought that counts, after all.

What should I spend on a birthday party for my child?

There are no hard answers for this question. You should spend whatever you feel comfortable with and is within your budget for your child’s birthday. Some families like to really go all out for birthdays and make each one a big event. Other families choose to one celebrate a milestone birthday with a big bash and keep other years small and intimate. You get to do what’s right for your family!

What should I provide for guests who attend?

Some birthday parties seem to come with all the trimmings: cupcakes, gift bags, party hats, and more. You leave with more stuff that you came with! That can be a lot of fun, but you are under no obligation to provide anything to your guests. It’s tradition to have at least a cake, but you can choose to have snacks or even a full meal for your guests if you choose. This is another area where you’ll need to determine what’s within your budget and your sanity to organize.

Is it rude not to attend every party my child is invited to?

Not at all. Whether you are just burned out on birthday, need to keep a tight budget that month, or your kid just isn’t that crazy about the birthday boy or girl, it’s okay to decline an invitation. Whatever you decide, though, always RSVP with your yes or no. That will help the party organizer get an accurate headcount, and even politely declining is much appreciated in those instances.

Can my other children attend a birthday party?

Many parents will put on the invitation whether or not siblings are invited. It’s usually assumed that at least one parent will also attend the birthday party, at least until the other kids are older. You can call the party organizer and ask if it’s okay to bring your other children along, just don’t be upset if they say no. The more people there are, the more expensive it’s going to be, after all. But most families are very understanding and will welcome siblings who want to join in the fun!

Should my child open their presents at the party?

The jury is out on this one! Some people love to watch the birthday boy or girl’s reaction to opening gifts. Some parents feel like this is just a recipe for disaster, especially if the child isn’t interested in opening the gifts, doesn’t care for the present, or if the other children get jealous of all the attention. Do what works best for your family. It’s helpful to let guests know that you’ll be opening presents later, though, just so they are aware of your plans.

Should we send thank you cards to the guests?

Sending thank you cards to everyone who came to your child’s birthday party is a great thing to do. It teaches your child to thank their friends and have gratitude for the gifts they received. It’s also time-consuming and can become a battle with your child to get it done. If it happens, great! If not, don’t beat yourself up. You can always try again next year!

Trying to plan the perfect birthday party for your child? Rebounderz can help! Our trampoline park in Edison has lots of experience with kid’s birthday parties and we can make sure it’s fun for kids and stress-free for adults from start to finish. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our birthday party packages!


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