Climb, Jump, and Chase: Get to Know Our Unique Activities

Previously on the blog, we talked a bit about what truly makes Rebounderz of Jacksonville a unique and versatile trampoline park, not only for the Rebounderz brand, but also compared to trampoline parks nationwide. The sheer extent of activities for whole families is unparalleled.

When you think about trampoline parks, you typically think about only trampolines. You think about the giant jump arenas. You maybe even think about jumping into foam pits, but that’s about where your trampoline park imagination ends. You probably don’t imagine a trampoline park with an extensive arcade, an incredible leap of faith, or a laser maze straight out of Mission Impossible. But that’s exactly what Rebounderz of Jacksonville has to offer you and your family. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a little time to explore the non-trampoline attractions of the Rebounderz of Jacksonville trampoline park, because they deserve it.

Laser Maze

If you want to feel like a super spy, there is no better place to come than to than Rebounderz of Jacksonville. Enter the Vault and try to navigate through the intense field of lasers without touching a single one. You’ll be surprised at how challenging this activity is, but it’s oh, so much fun. Try to get your name on the leaderboard, or try on of the other versions of the game. Just ask a Referee about your laser maze options.

Mini Bowling

Our mini-bowling area is quite a bit like hitting up the regular bowling lanes, but on a slightly miniature scale. The lanes light up in colorful patterns and the scale allows for families to enjoy bowling together. Simply grab a lane and cheer on your friends and family for that elusive strike. No special equipment is need to enjoy mini-bowling!

Climbing Wall

No other Rebounderz has a climbing wall for anyone to enjoy. With several walls and climbing options to choose from, you’re sure to find just the right challenge for your skill level. While being belayed, race to the top of the wall and take on the different challenges presented. Opt for the Orb Wall for a cool wall that lights up and entertains all at once. Maybe you want to test your skill and speed? Then the Speed Wall is the perfect choice for you. Race to the top as quickly as you can without falling. Ready to take on a family member or friend? Try out the Face Off Wall where two individuals can go head-to-head in a race to the top.

Leap of Faith

Also unique to Rebounderz of Jacksonville is our Leap of Faith attraction. Climb a ladder high up in the building, stand on a tiny platform (with a harness of course), and then leap for an apparatus of your choice. This leap is much harder than it looks, but so satisfying when you make it.

Rebounderz of Jacksonville is a premier family entertainment center with so much to offer. Every member of the family will be sure to have a favorite after just one visit, so bring the family in and have a blast. Call us for further information about hours and pricing.

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