Finding the best fundraising venue

What is the best fundraising venue for your organization? Well, that can be a complicated question to answer. Consider these things before beginning your search.

Who is your audience?

All types of people support all kinds of organizations. It is important to know your audience. If you are raising money from parents for a school band, for a sports league, or for a trip abroad for the senior class, you are going to want to hold your fundraiser in a much different type of venue than if you were raising money to build a new building, to support arts in the community, or to fund a homeless shelter.

Not every venue is perfect for every kind of fundraiser. But, if your audience is made up of parents, grandparents, community members and organizational supporters who are committed to raising money for your school, Scout troop, or similar organization, Rebounderz in Lansdale is likely the perfect fundraising venue for you.

Are most of your supporters individuals, couples or families? If you are raising money for any kind of sports-related activity, a scout trip, church mission trips, or anything of that nature, we’d be willing to bet that a family-friendly activity is going to be a much bigger hit with potential donors, than an adults-only fundraiser. That’s another reason Rebounderz in Lansdale is the perfect venue. Kids definitely love it here, but so do adults. Sometimes we think the parents have more fun than the kids do when they are here. And, when it is all for a good cause, everyone is sure to get in on the fun.

How much money do you need to raise?

Be sure to consider what kinds of fundraising activities can be hosted at the venue you choose. Is the only opportunity in ticket sales? Or once people arrive at the event, are there multiple activities that allow for additional on-site fundraising? Regardless of what you are raising money for, the more opportunities your venue provides for people to give, the more money you are likely to raise. And, a venue that offers activities and contests that raise more money, means that you can raise more for your cause, even if you don’t have a huge crowd.

How much money can you spend?

Many of us have attended fancy fundraisers at expensive hotels where no expense has been spared. The fact is though, that someone footed the bill for that great venue. Either a donor paid for it, instead of giving money directly to the cause, or the charity itself had to come up with the funds. Sometimes it is money well spent, because that’s what’s needed to bring in big-dollar donors. But if your donors don’t have deep pockets, don’t spend too much money on your venue. If someone wants to donate money for a fancy venue, ask them to make their donation with no strings attached so that you can spend their donation where it is most needed, and where it will do the most good.

Who or what are you raising money for?

If you are raising money for cheerleader camp, your donors aren’t likely to want to pay $100 a head for a fancy dinner. We bet they’d be up for a fun day at Rebounderz in Lansdale, though. In addition to selling tickets, the dodgeball tournaments, basketball dunking contests, and jumpathons will raise a lot more money for your event. And, let’s face it, no one really wants to go to one of those stuffy dinners and listed to a bunch of people get up on stage and talk, and talk, and talk.

How much help do you need?

If you are depending on help from volunteers to pull of a great fundraiser, you’re in the same boat as most nonprofits. We love volunteers, and we know that many organizations couldn’t exist without them. It is important to be realistic though. Volunteers are people with lives, who sometimes have priorities that have to come before your event. The best fundraising venue is one that offers includes an experienced on-site staff that is at your disposal the day of your event to make sure everything goes smoothly. Your volunteers will still play a critical role. However, you really can’t beat having a paid staff on-site for support.

Now that you’ve got a handle on those details, you should have a pretty good idea of what kind of venue is best for your next fundraiser.

Call us here at Rebounderz in Lansdale to learn more about how we can help with your next fundraiser. We’ve got great ideas for your next fundraiser for your school field trip, for your Scout troop’s next adventure, for your team to go to summer football camp, or for your church’s next youth group mission trip. We’re here to help. We’re committed to making your fundraiser a huge success!

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