Design Safety at Rebounderz Rohnert 1/2

If you are an adult with kids of your own, you may think that an indoor trampoline is like the ones that you went to when you were young, but you would be wrong! Indoor Trampolining has improved, gotten safer, and has added features that mean even more fun is to be had! Rebounders Rohnert Park Indoor Trampoline Area uses a design wherein every feature of the trampoline was designed with a “safety first” mentality. We know that parents appreciate the steps taken to keep kids safe, and kids too, will know that they can have fun without putting themselves in danger.

Trampoline Parks Were Not as Safe as They Needed to Be

In the good old days, a lot of kids got hurt on trampolines because the trampolines were poorly designed. Those old designs were basically separate trampolines in their own frames, lashed together to form one big, shifting trampoline area. This design meant that when one trampoline was jumped on, the motion generated by the jump moved the trampolines around it, causing instability and shifting to occur. This is inherently dangerous. It is important that the trampoline surface stay still so where you think you are going to land is in the same place when you come down, as when you went up! The best hardware, such as high-grade nuts, are used to hold the structure together.

privateevents1Safer Exoskeleton Design

This new and patented trampoline design has safety at its core. The design is based on one framework that has many trampolines built into it. A single, rigid frame is bolted to the foundation of the building, and the trampolines are located in the windows created by the grid-like framework. the structure, or as we call it, exoskeleton.

To learn more about our innovative safety features, check back for our next blog.