Family-Friendly Competition

When you think about trampoline parks, you might not immediately think about them as a family activity. In fact, how many parents do you know that have gone to a trampoline park lately? We’d bet it’s probably more than are willing to let on. Here at Rebounderz of Edison, we pride ourselves on being a family-friendly environment perfect for an afternoon of play. But when there is play, it never hurts to have a bit of family-friendly competition. Rebounderz of Edison is the perfect place to create family teams that will actually help bring your family closer together. Whether it’s parents versus kids or parents pick their favorite child (yes, we know you have a favorite), it’s easy to bond when you’re playing at Rebounderz of Edison. Choose your teams wisely and then try out one of these competitions.

Ninja Warrior Course

Of course when you think of competition at Rebounderz of Edison, all thoughts probably go to our Ninja Warrior Course. Our Ninja Warrior Course is the perfect competition inspiring activity for some family-friendly competition. However, in order to make sure that the kids aren’t being left in the dust, you’ll have to find a good way to score or balance the teams for a real heart-stopping competition. Perhaps you even do scoring based on improving individual times, that way everyone is always pushing themselves to improve.

Most Front Flips in a Row

Along with our incredible Ninja Warrior Course, everyone is sure to love the jump arena. Our massive jump arena just screams for some good competition. One of the best ones we think you should definitely duke out as a family is to see who can do the most front flips in a row before falling over in dizziness and fits of giggles. Perhaps even buy some competition trophies before you come for the first time and award them after your visit. Each time you come, try the challenge again and pass the trophy on to the new champion.

Most Dunks in a Row

Similar to the most front flips in a row, challenge one another to the Basketball Slam and see who has the best slam dunk or who can do the most slam dunks in a row. The obstacle is adjustable for height, so no need to compensate in the score. You might also want to see who has the most stylish dunk or who has the highest dunk!

Dodgeball Champion

You can’t come to Rebounderz and not leave without playing a game of dodgeball. In fact, you will probably have a firey, all-out, family showdown on your hands when the dodgeballs come out. Choose your teams wisely for this competition, because whoever wins will be crowned the dodgeball champion, and that’s quite a bragging right. Make sure your team has someone who has an excellent shot and fill the rest up with family members who can duck and dodge very well.

Highest Jump

When it comes to the classic trampoline area, there is tons of fun to be had, including a variety of tricks and flips that can be made into family-friendly competition. Along with the front flip competition mentioned above, you can come up with a variety of similar challenges in order to test your skill and take on your family members. Try for the highest jump, neatest trick, or most twists for some more family bragging rights.

Capture the Flag

Lastly, for older kids and larger families, a game of capture the flag could be great fun. Because there is no actual place to hide the “flag,” the game is heavily oriented toward teamwork and distraction in order to capture the other team’s flag. This game alone could have you playing all afternoon with tons of smiles, and it’s great for teens who think they’re too cool to play with the family at the local trampoline park. There won’t be a single family member who will want to be left out of this fast-paced fun.

Here at Rebounderz of Edison, we’re all about making sure the whole family can play and bond together. Spend the afternoon and come back time and time again for a great place to play, laugh, and challenge one another on a regular basis. Come play today!


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