Nutritional Tips for Kids and Parents

Here at Rebounderz, we are all about providing kids a fun place to expend all their energy with our Sunrise trampoline park. But we know that for parents, having a great time with the kiddos is only half the battle. There’s also that whole raising them into a responsible healthy adult thing. If you’re anything like every other parent in existence, this probably gets overwhelming. To help you out, here are some nutritional tips to keep your kids healthy.

Good Eating Habits

  • Teach to eat holistically. Rather than just focus on certain foods to eat and avoid, make sure to impart why the food is good. For example, a child taught to eat minimally processed food on top of what foods are inherently healthy will likely make better dining decisions as an adult than one who was taught to eat their greens, but only eats processed vegetables.
  • Practice what you preach. Kids learn by imitation much better than they learn things verbally. That means if you tell them to eat well, but don’t yourself, you’re more than likely imparting your eating habits than what you taught your child.
  • Get the kids involved. Human beings learn best by doing, and that’s just as true for children. Whether you’re having them check the labels at the grocery store, whip up some batter, or read you recipe, they’re not only learning valuable culinary skills and good eating habits, but they’re taking a small step towards independence as well.
  • Nix the clean plate rule. While many of us grew up with the clean plate rule, kids need to learn how to listen to their body when they’re full. Forcing them to finish their plate daily, regardless of whether they want or need it, can instill food cravings and a lack of self control later in life.

Meal Time

  • Eat home as much as possible. Not only does this help you control what your child is eating, but it helps turn the great nutritious meals you make into a habit they will take into adulthood.
  • Make meal time family time. Kids need social interaction, and they learn from it as well. It doesn’t need to stop at nutrition by any means, and could either just be fun conversation or lending an ear for a problem they’re experiencing.


  • Find good tasting junk food alternatives. Instead of ice cream, try yogurt or a fresh fruit smoothie. Instead of chocolate chip cookies, a fruit and caramel dip or graham cracker. Instead of potato chips, try baked vegetable chips or nuts.
  • Introduce variety. The more good tasting healthy options that your child is aware of, the less pull they’ll feel to resort to more unhealthy junk foods.

Hopefully these tips prove helpful. When your kids are too healthy, and have too much energy, they’ll need a fun environment where they can expend it all. That’s where we come in with our Sunrise, Fl trampoline park, with a ninja warrior course, kids birthday parties, and much more. Give us a call if you have any questions.

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