Fun Birthday Party Theme Ideas

We only get maybe 18 birthdays per little one! Then, they aren’t little any more. As parents, it’s up to us to make them count! Nobody knows our little kiddos better than us, so it’s important to choose a birthday theme that will have them squealing with laughter, and also make for some good pictures. Here at Rebounderz, we’ve pretty much got the fun covered with our trampoline parks and other kid-friendly activities. All that’s left for your Grand Rapids kid’s birthday party is an awesome theme to remember! Here, we would like to go over some popular kid’s birthday party themes to choose from.


While you may be tired, nay — exhausted, nay — pulling out your hair trying to get your kiddo to put down the phone, it is technically THEIR day. Luckily, you can kill two birds with one stone: get them off their mobile device and give them all the Pokemon their little hearts could desire. There is all kinds of Pokemon memorabilia for you to decorate and entertain your kids with, and of course there are plenty of DIY options as well.

Star Wars

If you took your little ones to see Star Wars: Rogue One, chances are the excitement is still running high (we know it is for us!). Why not use it to make the best birthday bash for the little one that you can? This isn’t just a theme for the boys either, because as we now know thanks to Episode VII, the force is stronger in girls anyways!


We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Disney as an option for the girls. It’s really a theme that you cannot go wrong with. Unless, that is, you pick the wrong Disney princess… If you’ve forgotten your kids’ favorite, just google the lyrics of that annoying song that always pops in your head. There’s all kinds of party memorabilia for whichever princess your little princess prefers.


Okay, we had to get away (sort of) from pop culture for at least one party theme, so we thought we’d go back to a classic. Your little boy or girl will have a rootin’ tootin’, high falootin’, pellet shootin’ blast with a cowboy/cowgirl themed birthday party! It’s an easy theme to prepare for, too, as you can pretty much get by with some cowboy hats, fake pistols, and a stick horse or two.

Book Party

Maybe your kid is a little more cultured than the average rough ridin’ cowboy. If they prefer a good book, a book party may be right up their alley. Whether they’re old school and into something like Box Car Children, die hard Harry Potter fans, or more in the Doctor Seuss age group, book parties are a great way for them to have fun with their favorite characters and cement one of the better life habits.


Have these themes given you some birthday party ideas? If so, book a kids party here in Grand Rapids, MI at Rebounderz. We’ve got everything they need for a fun and safe day that will be sure to make many happy memories. Give us a call for more info.

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