Have Your Next Corporate Party at Rebounderz in Jacksonville

A trampoline arena is a great place for a corporate event. You can have the whole place to yourselves. Everyone can behave like a kid for a few hours and leave all their work worries behind. If you want to include children and spouses in your outing, there really is nothing better.

That’s all well and good, but imagine this for a minute; a trampoline arena, a ninja warrior course, laser tag, mini bowling, the leap of faith, and climbing walls. Which do you think your employees would pick? Well, they don’t have to pick, because Rebounderz in Jacksonville has each and every one of those things, and you can reserve the whole facility for your next corporate event.

The Ninja Games

There really is something for everyone. If you’ve got ultra-competitive employees who would jump at the chance to tackle the Ninja Warrior course, make a game of it. Hand out fun awards for first, second and third place. Give out awards for the most coordinated, least coordinated, most entertaining ninjas who tackle the course. Handing out the prizes will be almost as fun as watching your team in action.

Mini Bowling

If you’ve got some employees who are a little more laid back, who are up for some competition but don’t want to break a sweat, have them enter a mini-bowling tournament. Rebounderz in Jacksonville is North Florida’s only interactive bowling experience. Our Unreal Bowling lanes come complete with customizable HD effects, so each team can pick their own lane effects. The smaller balls and shorter lanes make the game more exciting than traditional bowling, and no stinky rental shoes are required!

Rock Climbing

Our rock walls are perfect for employees who want to test their own skills rather than competing against their teammates. They can choose from the Orb wall designed for pretty much any skill level or the Speed wall designed to test speed and endurance. And if they want to race against someone, they can tackle the Face Off wall

Laser Tag

Who doesn’t love laser tag? C’mon. You know you do. We’ve got North Florida’s largest and most extreme laser tag experience. Our state-of-the art, 8,000 foot, multi-level arena would be a great option for your corporate party. But remember, it is just one small part of the experience. Laser tag is something that all your employees can enjoy. We love seeing managers take on their staff. It’s great fun and always results in a lot of laughs. Or have the marketing department take on the sales team. They’re sure to have some feelings that need working through. What better way to de-stress than with a fun game of laser tag?

We’ve got even more for your employees to choose from including our laser maze. Once they’ve completed the Ninja Warrior Course or conquered their foes in the laser tag arena, you can gather in the cafe for some good food and conversation.

Give us a call. Better yet, stop by and see us. We’re sure that once you see how much fun we have here, you’ll be ready to book your corporate event. We look forward to seeing you soon

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