6 Fun Games to Keep Kids Active This Summer

With how much time kids spend in front of a screen these days, it’s important to find ways to keep them physically active. While they have recess and PE during the school year, summertime can lead to an increase in sedentary activity. Today, we’re going to take a look at some fun games you can play with your little ones to get them up off the couch this summer. If you’re looking for a great place to be active this summer, why not bring your kids to Rebounderz Trampoline Park in Edison? Whether they just want to bounce around on the trampoline or they want to live out their action movie dreams on the Ninja Warrior course, we know they won’t even miss that screen.

-Slip n’ Slide

While you can get one at a store, you can go big and make your own. All you need is a long tarp and a garden hose to wet it down. This is a great summer activity because not only are you running around having fun, it also gives you a chance to cool down while you’re slipping and sliding. You can even make it into a game when you see how far everyone can go, marking distance with some flags.

-Flashlight Tag

If you’re having a late-night birthday sleepover or block party, break out the flashlights for an all-ages friendly game of tag. There are many different variations of this classic favorite that can brighten up a dark summer night. One of which involves only one person having a flashlight as the one who is “it”. Once they tag someone by shining the light on them, they pass the flashlight over. However, if you really want to make it crazy, start with one flashlight, then each person who gets tagged gets their own flashlight. The game will then continue until there’s only one person who hasn’t been tagged, who is declared the winner.

-Jump Rope Challenge

This game is best for kids who have a good grasp of multi-tasking and coordination. To begin, fill up some plastic cups with water. Each player will hold their cup and try to jump rope three times while spilling as little water as possible. The player with the most water left in their cup will be the winner.

-Sticks and Stones

If you have a big group of kids for a birthday party or some other type of get together, sticks and stones is a great way to get them excited while they burn some excess energy. Divide the group into two teams — sticks and stones. Have them line up facing each other, similar to a game of Red Rover. Set up a safe zone about 30 feet behind each team. Once you’re ready to start the game, call out one of the team’s names — i.e. “Sticks!” or “Stones!” The team that is called will chase after the opposing team, which is running for their safe zone. Anyone who gets tagged before getting to their safe zone will switch teams and then it starts again. The team that gets everyone on their side wins the game.


This is a classic playground game that’s perfect for kids that love sports. One kid will get a football, while the others will group up about 20 feet away. The kid throwing the ball will shout out a number between 50 and 500, then toss the football to the group. The kid that catches the ball will get those points, but if they drop the ball, they lose those points. This continues until someone gets to 500 points and they become the new thrower.

These are just a few of the hundreds of fun games kids can play outside this summer. Keeping children active is incredibly important for their health and development, so it’s always good to have some ideas in your back pocket when your little ones have been stuck to the couch for too long. If you want a great place to be active, no matter your age, choose Rebounderz Trampoline Park in Edison! We’ve got plenty of activities that will get everyone up and moving in a fun way. We hope to see you jumping around here soon!

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