Fun Trampoline Games For All Ages!

Here at Rebounderz in Sunrise, we love games. Playing games on trampolines? Well, that’s even better. But what are some games everyone in the family can play together? If you’re looking for some fun ideas, look no further than right here. Then, when you’re ready to schedule a time for your family to bounce around, call us!

-Ring Around the Rosy

The classic playground favorite with a twist. The familiar sing-songy chant sticks around, but instead of saying ‘we all fall down,’ each person on the trampoline will take a turn giving out a movement that everyone else will join in on. For instance, ‘we all … do a spin!’ Then, everyone will do a quick little spin. You can add an extra tweak by eliminating anyone that doesn’t do the command from the game. This can throw in some exciting strategy of trying to trick the others. It’s a highly customizable game that anyone can join in on.

-Hot Potato

A fast-paced game that kids love and gets everyone engaged. Playing with at least three people is recommended, but the more the merrier. The game begins with everyone standing in a circle, with one person holding a ball. Everyone will then start jumping around to start the game. The person holding the ball will shout ‘HOT POTATO’ and throw the ball at someone else. A person is eliminated from the game if they either drop the ball, don’t catch the ball when it’s thrown to them, or stop jumping at any point. This continues until only one player is left jumping.


Also known as Follow the Leader, this is a fantastic game with almost endless possibilities. Essentially, the game starts with one person as the leader and that role is passed along after each turn. The leader will do something that the rest of the players will then need to mimic. Since there aren’t rules* for what the leader can do, it can range from singing to dancing, even doing a crazy trick! The only rule, much like Hot Potato, is that everyone has to keep jumping. If a participant either stops jumping or is unable to mimic what the leader has done, they are out and will have to sit down until the round is over.

There are so many different games that can be played on a trampoline, all you have to do is try. And if you’re looking for the best and safest trampoline park here in Sunrise, come to Rebounderz! We want to put a spring in your step.

*Despite Mimic not having specific rules for conduct, remember, all games played at a Rebounderz trampoline park must adhere to Rebounderz safety rules regulations

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