Though you may think Trampolines are just used for generic bouncing, you are sorely mistaken. There are so many different games available to play on a trampoline. The following is a list of trampoline games that you can play at your local Newport Rebounderz.


  1. Dodgeball

This beloved sport has been around for almost two hundred years and originated among the tribes of Africa. The origins of this game actually has a bloody past, as dodgeball used to be a game to the death. Opposite teams would throw large rocks, instead of rubber balls. Once a player was wounded, the opposing team would then gang up on the wounded, throwing more rocks to finish off the player. The game used to be considered a test of strength and a method to prove who was the strongest in the tribe.

A missionary by the name of Dr. James H. Carlisle, saw the game and was intrigued by its brutal nature. He saw that there was potential for the bloody ceremony to become a game. When Carlisle went back to England he tried to spread the rules of the game as much as possible. He substituted the boulders for rubber balls and attempted to have European society embrace the game. Unfortunately, the older, less agile population of Europe did not understand, nor could they keep up with the aggression of the game. It was not until Carlisle brought the game to his work at St. Mary’s College in Norfolk that the game officially took off. It was evident that the youth of England gravitated towards the game, as they were stronger, faster, and more inclined to play games.


  1. H-O-R-S-E

The origin of this game is unknown, but its influence is known around the world. Within the game players square off and perform tricks. If one player cannot complete the trick, they get one letter that eventually spells the word, ‘horse’. Once you have collected all the letters of the word, you are officially out. The object of the game is to outperform your rival player until they are out. This game can take a long time, so keep that in mind if you are prone to getting tired. The good news is, H-O-R-S-E can be cut down to the shortened version, P-I-G. In this game, the same rules apply, the word to spell out is just shorter!

When H-O-R-S-E is played on a trampoline, rules are applied very loosely. Any player can perform and trick, this includes: jumping, running, flipping, and spinning. The best thing about this game is anyone can play and there is no official limit to the amount of players. It truly is a game for all!


  1. Slamball or Dunkball

Slamball or Dunkball, or whatever you call it, is a really fun game! The object of the game is very similar to that of American Basketball. Two team play against each other and try to get a ball through the opposite team’s hoop. However, if you are a mad basketballer on the streets, you might find this style of basketball a little challenging—the entire game is played on a trampoline! That means, no quick cuts and no cross overs! Your ability to jump fast and far are the only skills needed to compete in this game.

This game actually reached such wide-ranging popularity that between the years 2002-2003 an official league of Slamball was televised on TNN, now known as SpikeTV.

At Rebounderz, our rules differ from that of TNN’s adult league. In the televised league, violence is encouraged and players can inflict physical harm on another player. We at Rebounderz, do not condone this violence and have guarded rules about fowls and physical harm.


  1. Crack the Egg

This game is both fun and most times very fast. The object of this game is to hug your knees to your chest. Meanwhile, another player jumps on the trampoline next to you. As a player jumps next to you, the “egg” is launched into the air. When the egg “cracks” or releases their knees, the game is over. This game is very fun and is completed very fast, even the strongest person cannot help to release their knees when they are being launched several feet in the air! This game should be played only with two or three players. When the amount of players increases, the likelihood of being trampled becomes more likely.

Ladies, if you are going to play this game, make sure you have your hair pulled up and all jewelry is taken off. This game can cause some injury if you are not careful.


  1. Bounce Battle

Bounce Battle might sound a little intimidating, but it truly is a battle. The object of the game is to out bounce your rival player. This game is truly a test of your endurance and stamina. Players bounce from a sitting to a standing position until they no longer have the breath to continue on. If you want to tire yourself, or prove who is the most fit, this game is perfect!


  1. Launch

This game is a very simple, but can be extremely fun if played right. Typically this is played when there is a lot of space available, like in an indoor trampoline park. The object of the game is to gain air with every bounce and then jump right next to an unsuspecting victim. The force of your bounce next to someone will result in them being catapulted in the air. This can be a very fun experience and often leads to the victim falling over.


  1.  Dance Party

Dance Party could be considered a game if done in a competition. In this game players compete for the best dance moves while jumping. Dance Party is fun because there are no rules and the interpretation of the game can be dispersed throughout genres of music and dance.

  1. Hot Potato/Volleyball Hybrid

This game can be a mashup of both the sport of Volleyball and the game ‘hot potato’, The object of the game is to bounce on opposite sides of a large trampoline, while keeping a volleyball or beach ball from hitting the trampoline. This game, though sounding simple, is harder than you would think. In order to compete in this game each team has to sync up their jumping in order to keep the ball from dropping. This game is played more successfully when there are a lot of players, sometimes up to 14!


  1. Around the World

Around the World is when players bounce around in circles until they are too dizzy to go on. Though a very simple concept, this game is energy consuming!


  1. Tag

Probably the greatest game ever invented because the rules are simple, it is never ending, and extremely fun! This game can be played anywhere, including your local Rebounderz. There is no limit to the number of players to this game and can be played until all the players are too tired. Plus, with the introduction of trampolines, this classic game becomes a little bit more challenging.


There are so many games to play on a trampoline. This list only touches the surface of the potential of trampolines. If these descriptions sound like a fun time, come visit your local Newport, Virginia, Rebounderz. Fun and games are here waiting for you at our local  indoor trampoline park!

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