Tips for a Stress Free Kid’s Birthday Party


At Rebounderz in Rohnert Park, we know how stressful it can be to plan and throw a birthday party for kids. Too many times parents end up so stressed out, they aren’t able to enjoy this special day. Kids notice when their parents are anxious, and often, it will make them feel the same. Parties are supposed to be fun! That’s why we’re going to run down some recommendations for throwing a stress free and fun birthday party that both you and your child can enjoy.

Making it feel special

When it’s your birthday, it’s hard not to feel like it’s pretty special. Especially when you’re young, adding a year to your age is a very momentous occasion. But if you throw elaborate parties every single year, the stress of wanting to top the previous year is hard to avoid. Try smaller events, like a day out at the zoo or the movies or a sleepover with a friend or two. Smaller get-togethers are much easier to organize, and it makes a big blowout birthday party every couple of years really feel exciting.

Keep it manageable

Decide early on how many guests your child will be able to invite. A great trick that many parents use is to allow one guest per year of the child’s age. While class-wide parties become common once kids reach school age, that can be unruly and difficult to organize. This can be avoided by giving out invitations after school and helping your child understand how important it is to be discreet about who they invite. Nobody wants hurt feelings!


If you are going to be having a party with a larger number of guests, RSVPs can take out a lot of the guesswork that comes with planning a gathering. Though they are incredibly helpful in letting you know what to expect, it’s entirely possible that an RSVP will get lost in the shuffle. It’s recommended to plan on a few extra guests past who respond to the invitation with extra food or seats just in case. RSVPs are there to reduce the stress that comes with party planning, not add more.

Simplification where possible

While printed invitations are nice, they can become a hassle to design, make, and distribute, especially when you don’t enjoy making things like that. Nowadays, paper-free invitations through email or social media are much easier to make and have built-in functionality to track who will be able to make it. Decorations can be great, but they shouldn’t break the bank considering most items will only be for a one-time use. A few balloons and some streamers with color matching plates and napkins do the trick to make a fun and festive atmosphere for your party.

Set expectations

It’s incredibly important for you to clearly convey what’s going to be offered at the party. If it’s going to be a full pizza party with ice cream and cake, you obviously don’t want all the guests to have just eaten a big dinner. Likewise, if it’s going to be smaller with some snacks and cake, letting the other parents know will help ensure the kids have eaten beforehand.

Rethink goodie bags

Goodie bags and party favors are definitely generous, but their value is lost as soon as the party ends. If you want to retain the spirit of generosity goodie bags carry, try having a group crafting activity. This will send them home with something they actually made, which has far more sentimental value than a plastic noisemaker or paper hat. Taking a group photo is also great, as it’s easily shared and can be kept for years to come. Be sure you get the email addresses for all the guests’ parents so you can pass along this keepsake after the party has ended.

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Managing your stress is key to throwing a party that is enjoyable for everyone involved. Keep it simple, manage expectations, and think outside the box to overcome party anxiety. And, if you’re looking for the perfect place to have your child’s birthday party, check out Rebounderz in Rohnert Park! With tons of activities, a safe indoor trampoline park, and a ninja warrior course designed with kids in mind, we know we’ll elevate your kid’s birthday party to the next level.

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