Get Your Kids Unplugged for These 6 Reasons

Some of us can still remember the days when we monopolized the home landline from our parents or when the first cellphones became readily available. In those days, you were happy to just have a wireless phone that made a call, and if your phone could do texting, all the better. But with the prevalence of smartphones and other electronics that are portable and web enabled, even as adults, it’s hard to put them down. Technology is not only entertaining for virtually all ages, it’s also addictive. Too much time on a smart device and you risk a variety of problems, from strained vision to sleep disorders. These activities can also be detrimental for children when they are voraciously consumed. That’s why it’s so important to make sure kids put down the phone or tablet and get in some active play. Keep reading to learn more about why you want your kids off of devices and playing at family fun centers, like Rebounderz of Edison, instead.

Builds Relationships

If a child is on a smart device all the time, they’re going to have a much harder time building relationships with their family and peers. Unplugging helps to encourage kids to get to know their peers and build long-lasting relationships. They can’t do this if they’re constantly living in a digital world. Having positive play time from a young age with family and friends can help build lasting memories and improve a child’s ability to connect with others as they grow older.

Improves Sleep

If you ever watch TV or play on your phone right before bed, it’s time to break the habit. Not only is it bad for your sleep patterns, but it’s also a bad example to set for your kids. If your kids are on smart devices or watching the TV right up until bedtime, it’s probably interfering with their sleep cycles. Blue light that is emitted from these devices disrupt melatonin production and can reduce both the amount of sleep you get and the quality of sleep. Kids are exceptionally susceptible to this problem. Create a rule that everyone in the household has to set aside devices at least one hour before bed in order to help improve the sleep that everyone is getting.

Creates Engaged Children

Do you really want your children making friends and engaging with others online? The answer ought to be probably not. However, if children aren’t exposed to active play and groups of peers, they’re going to struggle making friends and being curious, engaged children. Active play can help get kids involved and engaging with others. This promotes both social skills and the ability to interact with others in a more positive manner.

Creates Emotionally Intelligent Children

Constantly being plugged into a smart device can make it difficult for children to develop a fine-tuned sense of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability for a person to recognize their own feelings and the feelings of those around them. This is exceptionally hard to develop if you’re on a smart device all the time and not engaging with peers. Children who unplug more often and socialize with peers are more likely to develop a fine-tuned emotional intelligence with empathy.

Teaches Mindfulness

When you take the time to unplug and make your kids unplug too, you’re helping to teach them to live in the present. Planning activities such as going to Rebounderz or going camping are great ways to get unplugged. Mindfulness is the practice of living in the present, and another good time to practice this with your kids is during dinner. Make sure to always set the phones aside and to eat dinner without the TV on. Individuals who practice forms of Mindfulness are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression too. This help promote healthy habits your kids will take with them as they grow.

Gives Growing Minds a Break

Most importantly, however, is that unplugging from smart devices and other forms of technology helps to give growing minds a break from all the intense stimuli. Give your kids a reason to unplug and visit a Rebounderz trampoline park. Rebounderz of Edison has both tons of trampoline fun, but also a unique ninja warrior course to entertain even the pickiest of kids. Come by and play or call us with any questions you may have!

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