Health Benefits of Jumping on a Trampoline

When it comes to getting exercise, you may make excuses. You may find yourself to busy. You may find yourself in pain. There are any number of reasons that getting exercises seems just out of your reach, but the thing is, your health and longevity is dependent on you getting sufficient amounts of exercise. This goes for children as well. With the national childhood obesity rate ever increasing, it’s even more important to teach children healthy eating and exercise habits now rather than when they have to struggle to lose weight down the line. So whatever your excuse is, Rebounderz of Jacksonville takes away all of them, because anyone can get good exercise and see improved health from bouncing on a trampoline. Our trampoline parks are tons of fun, but who knew how beneficial they could be for whole families to stay healthy? We did! You can reap many of the following benefits when you spend time jumping on a trampoline. So come on by!

Improved Bone Density

Have you ever wondered why astronauts exercise on trampolines in space? When there is no gravity, there is no way to maintain their bone density. Gravity, impact, and strength training all go a long way to help keep our bones strong. But sometimes it’s hard to do the activities that benefit your bone density. Trampoline workouts can help to build up bone density without putting added stress on your joints. It’s a win/win all around in helping to prevent pain and osteoporosis.

Easy on Your Joints

Like we were just talking about, trampolines allow you to get exercise without putting added stress on your joints like activities, including running, might do. When your joints hurt, it can be hard to get beneficial exercise, but that doesn’t have to be the case when you add trampolining to your routine. Not only can you relieve the stress on your joints, but you’ll also get just as much exercise in less time.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Many doctors and other medical professionals are always going on about how important it is to get regular cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise is defined by the ability to raise your heart rate and increase the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. Time on a trampoline still allows you to do just this but without the added impact on your joints. Because the trampoline flexes with you, it doesn’t compress your joints as much, leaving you feeling better while still getting a workout.

Work on Your Balance

Balance is something that has to be regularly worked at in order to maintain good levels. However, it’s also something that is hard to exercise. Trampolines have so much give to them, that they constantly force your body to work on balance. From the stabilizer muscles to orienting your inner ear, trampolines are one of the best places to consistently work on balance, and all you have to do is stand on one to get this benefit.

Reduce Stress

Yoga is regularly touted as the exercise that helps to reduce your body’s cortisol levels, but yoga isn’t the only form of exercise that can do this. In fact, most forms of exercise can help reduce stress hormones and boost the endorphins associated with activity. Take the time to get some trampoline exercise in and fight off that stubborn tummy fat that cortisol creates.

Circulate Your Lymphatic Fluid

Your lymphatic system helps your immune system to function at optimal levels and in order to do so, lymph fluid is circulated throughout the body. This fluid helps to clear waste out of the body. However, unlike your cardiovascular system, there is no active pump to move this fluid. Exercise helps to contract the muscles that move lymphatic fluid along, but bouncing on a trampoline is exceptionally helpful because it stimulates much of the movement that this fluid needs.

Flat Out Fun

While there are many health benefits to jumping on a trampoline, the fact is that the activity is just plain fun. You get to enjoy yourself and the health benefits follow. When you visit a Rebounderz trampoline park, you can know that while you and your family are having fun, you’re also working towards a healthier lifestyle. So come down to the Rebounderz of Jacksonville and get your jump on today!

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