How High Could You Jump on Another Planet? Part 3

Whether you’re a daredevil or not, you have to admit there’s something really compelling about leaving the surface of the planet for a little while. We do it often in airplanes, and while plenty of people would be happy to never fly, we all look up at the stars sometimes. We experience eclipses. We can’t ignore that there’s more out there. We learn about the planets that share our solar system, orbiting the sun with us and spinning out their unique features across space around us.

In our last few blogs, we’ve looked up at the sky ourselves and asked this very important question: if we put Rebounderz on all of the planets of our solar system, how high would we be able to jump on each one? So far, the Moon has the best jumps of 10 feet lasting for four seconds. Mercury can get us jumps of three feet, and Venus jumps are pretty much like Earth jumps. In today’s blog, we’re going to put our backs to the sun and go past the Earth to the next planets in line: Mars and Jupiter!

How High Can You Jump on Mars?

Okay, so you’ve arrived on Mars. You’re on a planet with a very thin atmosphere made of carbon dioxide, so you’ll need a suit and oxygen. You might see Olympus Mons in the distance, the biggest volcano in the whole solar system. You might also see a dust storm coming, which is a sign you need to hurry into our imaginary Rebounderz. Dust storms on Mars can cover the whole planet and last for months!

So let’s get to the important question: how high could you jump? Well, Mars is smaller than Earth, and its gravity is only 37 percent as strong as Earth’s. That means you could jump about four feet up off the ground. This is better than Earth (1.5 feet), Mercury (three feet), and Venus (1.5 feet), but the Moon (10 feet) is still better! Guess we’d better blast off and go a little further from the sun. It will be hard to miss our next planet; it’s the biggest one in our whole solar system!

How High Can You Jump on Jupiter?

Well, Jupiter is way bigger than the Earth. In fact, it has about 300 times more mass than the Earth. It is so big that three Earths could fit into the Great Red Spot, its most massive storm. That means its gravitational pull is way, way stronger than the Earth’s. Now, trying to find some ground to jump on would be kind of hard here. Jupiter is made of up of mostly gases. You’d have to go all the way in to its core, which is made of rock, ice, and metals. Your jump would be tiny, maybe a few inches, and that would be it. It would help to have a trampoline like the ones we have at Rebounderz, but not that much. We might not put a Rebounderz on Jupiter, because it doesn’t seem like very much fun!

Looking at Jupiter and Mars make us glad we’re here on Earth, where we can set up a bunch of awesome trampolines and help people have a great time flying through the air with their friends. We are a fantastic venue for birthday parties and more, and we work hard every day to provide a safe, fun environment for every one of our visitors. Who knows if we’ll ever expand beyond our planet, but while we’re waiting, it doesn’t hurt to jump a little! Visit our trampoline parks in Apopka and Orlando and enjoy our amazing world of trampolines today!

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