How Physical Activity Benefits Kids Part 2

We recently took a look at some of the ways physical activity benefits children and as promised, here is the second part of that series. Being physically active is one of the most important pieces to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise ensures we shake off the sedentary lifestyle so many people have slumped into in recent years. However, it’s important that physical activity isn’t viewed as a chore. Instead, it should be something we all enjoy in order to get the most out of it. At Rebounderz Trampoline Park in Lansdale, we are always looking for new ways to make exercise and physical activity fun for everyone, regardless of their age.

-Prevent Cancer

Exercising regularly strengthens our bodies, which makes us more equipped to fight against cancer. That is because of the effect physical activity has on our body’s operation. From top to bottom, the benefit from increased blood flow, circulating vital nutrients and oxygen throughout makes us healthier overall. This means that our body’s defense mechanisms are able to fend off cancerous cells and other maladies. The cancers that are affected the most by regular exercise include colon, prostate, uterine, and breast cancers.

-Blood Pressure Management

Studies have shown the powerful effect physical activity has on our stress levels. With lower stress comes lower blood pressure, which reduces the risk of heart disease. Alongside lowering the risk of heart disease also comes a reduced risk of stroke, which is a development often caused by high blood pressure. Other positives of proper blood pressure management include improved vision and stronger kidney function. When blood pressure is too high, it damages our kidneys to the point where they are no longer able to regulate our blood pressure. At that point, the risk of kidney failure is greatly increased.

-Boosted Energy Levels

While you might think that physical activity drains our energy levels, you’d be surprised that it actually increases our overall energy. Regular exercise gets our blood flowing and our heart pumping, distributing vital oxygen and nutrients throughout our body. When our body is being nourished by those nutrients, it is less prone to getting tired since it has the fuel it needs to operate. This creates a cycle where the more you exercise, the more energy you have, leading you to exercise more often. It also ensures you won’t have those crashing moments during your normal day to day activity, something that is incredibly important for kids to pay attention in class.

-Improved Emotional Health

The stress-reducing power of physical activity stretches across our entire emotional well-being. Many people say they have a sense of calm and happiness after exercising. This is likely due to the release of serotonin during exercise. Serotonin is a natural chemical found within our body that plays a role in everything from our mood and appetite to our motor and cognitive skills. As it is released into our system while we are active, our mood and functions improve, which gives us a better sense of confidence to keep being active.

-Everything In Between

The effects of physical activity are wide reaching and numerous. Along with everything else we’ve discussed, exercise helps to improve our self-esteem, helps us sleep better, and improves our coordination by establishing connections between the different parts of our brain. Boosted energy levels and strengthened circulation not only helps us concentrate and think, but it also makes sure the food we eat is digested properly so that we’re getting the fuel we need. Physical activity has many definitions, which means that it can be social and done with others, or it can be something we pursue on our own to find a sense of inner peace.

Physical activity is something that is often ignored nowadays, with many people of every age preferring to live a sedentary lifestyle attached at the hip to their couch or computer chair. However, the positive benefits everyone stands to gain from regular exercise cannot be ignored. From improving our moods and fighting depression to making our bodies stronger and prepared to fight illnesses, physical activity has a profound effect on improving our quality of life.
If you want to show your child the fun of physical activity, bring them to Rebounderz Trampoline Park in Lansdale. No matter if they just want to bounce on the trampoline, test out their skills on the Ninja Warrior course, or live out their daredevil fantasies with the massive JumpXTREME tower, we know everyone will find a fun and exciting way to be active. We hope to see you soon!

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