How to Prevent Breaking Your Bones

Breaking Bones: How to Avoid It!

Your bones are the essential structure of your body. Without strong bones, your body wouldn’t be able to run, jump, stretch, or even stand. Because your bones are so essential to your life, when they break it can be devastating to your life. For one, breaking a bone hurts — a lot! Bones aren’t meant to be broken, which when they do, you can suffer massive amounts of pain.
In this blog, we would like to discuss how to prevent severe injuries, such as bone breaks, on trampolines.

How to Bones Break?

At Rebounderz of Rohnert Park, we keep our indoor trampoline park extremely safe. Not only do we limit how extreme jumpers can be at our park, but we also take the time to pad each of our attractions. This added attention to safety makes our park that much more safe for our little customers. However, as you might know, accidents can happen always — even with every precaution in place. With this being said, broken bones can happen when you least expect it.
But how to bones break?
Bones can break for three main reasons:

  • Bones Stress
  • Impact Fractures
  • Weak Bones

Bones Stress: Bone stress occurs when too much pressure is applied to a bone in the same spot. However, the consequences of this stress won’t appear until much later. As your bone is stressed continuously, it will weaken and develop small cracks. Though you won’t be able to feel these cracks, the bone will be extremely weakened and vulnerable. The cracks will develop as small imperfections at first then grow to become a large fracture and then become a full break.

Impact Fractures: Impact fractures occur suddenly when the bone is hit hard with enough stress to break the bone. Impact fractures are the most common type of break and seen when people are exerting themselves too harshly. Any athlete that participates in contact sports is likely to know what an impact fracture feel like.

Weak Bones: Certain illnesses can cause your bones to grow thinner and weaker. When your bones lose their strength, they are much more vulnerable to fractures and breaks. And, worst of all, weak bone break don’t need to occur when you are being heavily active or in an accident. Even if you are just participating in everyday activities, your weak bones can break. If you know that you have thin bones, you need to be careful about how heavily you exert yourself. When bones are fragile, they are most likely to break, but also take longer to heal.

The Most Common Bones to Break

Different bones are more fragile than others. For example, your clavicle, which is the top bone that connected your arm to your ribcage and is the most commonly broken bone in the human body. The clavicle, or collarbone, is the most vulnerable bone in your body and is, unfortunately, one of the hardest bones to heal. Though your hyoid bone is the weakest bone in your body, your clavicle is the bone that takes much of the impact of your body. If you are hit or are impacted by something hard enough, your clavicle could easily fracture. Even newborns that pass through the birth canal can easily break their clavicle.
The second most common bone you can break is your arm. Your arms are used to brace yourself, especially for impact. On a trampoline, it is natural that you would want to put your arms out to keep from hitting your face on the trampoline. However, when you brace yourself with your arms, you are focusing the weight of your body and the impact of your fall on your arm bones. If you are going to land, it is best to do so with a rolling motion. If you do this, the weight and impact of your fall can be distributed throughout your body, rather to just one bone.

How to Handle Impact?

On a trampoline, the best way to land is on your bottom. With tissue and strength of your lower body is much stronger and can handle your fall. You should never try to land on your hands or even on a single leg. When it comes to using a trampoline, you want to do so safely. After all, who wants to spoil all the fun by breaking one of their bones?
To prevent breaks, make sure that you are using Rebounderz trampolines the right way. And, to ensure that you will not injure yourself, be sure to refrain from flipping, landing in unique ways, and jumping too high. Rebounderz is about having fun in safe ways, but there are ways to abuse our trampolines in ways that could potentially be harmful.

Rebounderz of Rohnert Park

Though breaks can happen, if you are careful, you won’t be at risk of an injury. Rebounderz of Rohnert Park is here to provide children a fun and safe place to have fun. To ensure that you are safe while at our park, please respect our safety protocol at all times. Stop by your local Rohnert Park Rebounderz today!

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