The 5 Things That Make the Holiday Season

How Do You Know It Is the Holiday Season?

The holiday season is upon us! Whether you have already visited your local department store for decorations, presents, and even personal gifts to yourself, the holiday season is here! This announcement can bring on a small childish squeak out of even the toughest of people. Most people, other than a few “Grinches”, enjoy the holiday season. In this blog, we will talk about a few activities and items that truly remind us about the holiday season and spirit.

1. Snow Activities

It isn’t quite known why the holiday season is such an enjoyable one. For some, the season can mean the excitement of winter sports and outdoor activities. For instance, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and even snowshoeing can be pastimes that you enjoy. The holiday season can also mean that you can share your enjoyment of holiday activities with your children, and their children to follow! Being able to share with others is one of the biggest benefits to the holiday season and winter activities can give you the option to teach youngsters new skills. For instance, skating is an activity that has been past down through the centuries. In winter, this fun-filled activity is very popular. Whether you like to ice skate or not, even spectating the activity can be enough to make you feel like the holiday season is finally here!

2. Holiday Songs

Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle all the way!

It is hard not to get into the holiday spirit when you hear that song — or at least tap your foot. Though it can be a bit annoying to hear the constant sounds of holiday songs from late November to early January, songs are what can help make the season feel merry. For instance, when you hear the song, “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” by Nat King Cole, you can’t help but feel a dreamy sense of wonder and holiday spirit. The winter holidays help reconnect us and make us feel like we are kids again. Listening to the songs you can recall as a child, can easily transport you to a time when you believed in magic, wonder, and holiday spirit. But, just because you may not believe in Santa anymore, doesn’t mean that this “spirit” is gone. In fact, the holiday spirit lives on, encased in the notes of a holiday soundtrack.

3. Holiday Decorations

If you haven’t stepped inside your local department store, we are here to tell you that the holiday season is well in swing. At every store you walk into, the colors of red and green are everywhere. Not to mention, the holiday displays are up for all to marvel at. Whether you are planning to buy new decorations for your house, or unearth the decorations you have in your crawl space, you might have to step foot into a department store. Why? Presents, of course! Though the holiday season isn’t all about presents, it is definitely a contributing factor to the excitement of the season. At department stores, you can be bombarded with holiday deals for gifts for the whole family. Whether you enjoy this part of the season, keep in mind that holiday decor and presents are what made the season spectacular for you when you were a child. You may have to recall that your parents, too, had to rummage through busy department stores to find the perfect gifts for you. Though it can be inconvenient, dressing your house with decorations and wrapping up gifts is part of what makes the season great — it takes effort, love, and enthusiasm.

4. Holiday Smells (the Good, the Delicious, and the Heart-Warming)

The holiday smells are enough to make every member of your family excited — even your pets! The sights, sounds, and especially smells, can help you get into the holiday mood. But what are these smells?
For most, these smells are the aromas from food, beverages, and local pine trees. Filling your home with holiday scents, like peppermint, pumpkin, pine, and even cinnamon, can make you recall the smells you remember as a child during the holidays. But how would these smells remind you of the holiday season?

Peppermint- Peppermint is found in many holiday foods, treats, and beverages. Even in the middle of summer, the smell of peppermint can transport you back to the season when everything is cold, comforting, and merry.

Pumpkin- Pumpkin can remind you of the moments when you dig into pumpkin pie for the holidays. The sweet and warm odor of pumpkin can also make you feel comforted and happy.

Pine- For those who celebrate Christmas, the smell of pine can make them remember the smell of their
Christmas tree. Pine also smells very fresh and clean.

Cinnamon- Cinnamon, like peppermint, is found in many holiday recipes. The smell of sweet cinnamon can make you recall the excitement you felt when freshly baked holiday foods came out of the oven.

5. Enjoying Time With Your Family

The holidays, no matter how you celebrate, is ultimately about the togetherness of family. Wrapped in your favorite sweater, holding a cup of cocoa, you can snuggle with your loved ones. The holiday season is about reflecting on the blessings in your life.

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