Our ability to think beyond the possible allows us to uncover what could be possible. This ability to look past what we know and dream of what could be, is practiced and honed when we are children. Only through careful attention to our own thoughts and imagination can we excel forward, creating change and innovation. But what if you were never allowed to use creativity? What if in some way your mind sat dormant during the buzz of a television set or a phone screen? A child without the ability to imagine and create fantasy, loses a fundamental capability for wonder.
We at Rebounderz indoor trampoline parks believe in the gift of imagination. Our park are filled with activities with the sole purpose of inspiring your child’s creative mind. We house several trampolines, games, obstacle courses, and even a giant foam pit! In this blog we will discuss how each of our items has been strategically built to optimize your child’s physical and mental health.


As an indoor trampoline park, we house many different kinds of trampolines. Our most popular activity at our park is the over-sized trampoline arena, which house almost a dozen trampolines laid side by side. On our trampolines your child can jump to their hearts content. When they jump they can imagine they are a basketball player reaching out for a basketball, or even an astronaut walking on the moon. With our trampolines, your child has the freedom to imagine they are anything, while expending their built up energy.

Basketball Slam Court

At our park we house a full trampoline basketball court. Our courts are made with a trampoline floor, providing an extra challenge to the beloved sport of basketball. While playing on our court, your child can yet again dream of dunking a basketball like Lebron James. We hope to instill an enthusiasm for sports in every child, to promote their active lifestyle. With our Basketball Slam Court, your child can be bouncing with their imagination and foster a new-found love of sports.

The Obstacle Course

Our obstacle course is called the Ninja Warrior Course for a reason. Built and named after the television show American Ninja Warrior, our course encourages physical activity and perseverance. Each course is constructed to test each participant and build strength and endurance. We at Rebounderz value personal strength above all else, so no matter how long it takes to complete the course, we value the attempt. Any child can pretend they are a contestant on the show and see if they have what it takes to an American Ninja Warrior.

Foam Pit

At Rebounderz we have a giant foam pit that anyone can use. The pit is designed to test endurance and jumping skills. The pit is also used to challenge a child’s fear of heights. When a child jumps into our foam pit they can imagine they are in any situation and use their problem solving skills to climb out from under the foam.

JumpXTREME Towers

Our towers are also used to help battle fears of heights. Our tall towers foster courage amongst participants as they have to jump nearly 14 feet off a platform! Our cushioned landing space provides an extra safety message so no injuring occur in the process. By using our towers your child can learn to master their fears and become a more daring person. They can imagine themselves as a fearless explorer jumping off a waterfall or cliffside.

At Rebounderz we have so many different and exciting attractions, each testing strength and perseverance. Most importantly, our attractions promote imagination in children. We believe that our future is secured when there are happy and healthy children around us. By using our courses, games, and trampolines we can ensure that our participants will grow instilled with the importance of imagination and physical activity. Come and enjoy the fun at your local Rebounderz!

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