How Important is Child Interaction?

When you have multiple children, your kids grow up well adjusted to interacting with other children. This ability to communicate and problem solve with others is crucial to human development. Mostly because as we grow older we rely heavily on these skills to be successful in life. The best way to hone your communication skills is to practice them when you are younger. In the cases of only-children, they have less opportunity to develop these skills with other children. The following blog is a list of opportunities in which your child can learn strong communication and problem solving skills with other children.


If you have multiple children, odds are your kids started learning the word “mine” longer before any others. The main reason children develop this word faster than others is because they want to distinguish to their siblings what is theirs, and only theirs. In multiple-children households kids learn to know the difference between what is communal and what is shared. In the case of having multiple siblings, children are more used to the idea of sharing their things. Mostly because in families with multiple children, especially those of the same gender, it is hard to separate their belongings completely.

Conflict Resolution

When a child is constantly surrounded by other children, they learn conflict resolution skills far better and faster than single children. In a home with multiple kids, conflicts can be an everyday occurrence and happen over simple things. Children in large households must use their communication skills in order to resolve conflicts with their siblings. These skills can then be transferred and applied to everyday use, such as in the workplace, school, or in relationships.


When a child is given a lot of interaction time with other kids, they are given an opportunity to see the world from a different point of view. No child is the same, which children with multiple siblings would understand; they also learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them. Because children with multiple siblings get to witness different perspectives throughout their lives, they are less inclined to become outwardly selfish and self-absorbed. Now, of course, children with multiple siblings can develop selfish personalities, however, they are less likely to when they are surrounded by children with their same wants and needs.

How Rebounderz Can Help!

Rebounderz indoor trampoline parks are fun for any child — siblings or none! When you bring your child or children to a Rebounderz, they will be able to freely play and interact with other children. Even for children with siblings this can be a positive, as they will be able to communicate with other children. For only-children, the Rebounderz playground is a wonderful place to hone communication skills and interact with other children. By developing these skills as children, they will be able to use these lessons of sharing, conflict resolution, and humility, and apply them to their adult lives. If you would like to give your child or children the best head start with these skills, contact a Rebounderz today!

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