How Rebounderz is Good for Your Sanity Part 2

If the first part of this blog series was not evidenced enough, we have compiled yet another set of reasons why Rebounderz is good for your sanity — specifically during your kid’s birthday party. As a parent, you want the best for your child. You want him/her to experience the joys of childhood, and unfortunately, birthday parties with 20 of their classmates are included under the umbrella of “childhood memories.” It is a wonderful experience for your child, because they get to play and eat cake all day. However, for parents, the whole ordeal is stressworthy and can cause a breakdown, or two. Children naturally have a lot more energy than parents do, matched with a sugar-high, most kids are beyond the point in which a parent could settle them down. The truth is, children’s birthday parties, are pure chaos — so why would you even consider having the event at your house? Here are our second set of reasons why hosting your kids birthday party at Rebounderz would be better for your sanity.

Something is always broken
No matter how careful you are, something at your house will always be broken. It is not too surprising however, kids are very good at finding hard-to-reach places; especially when you have a large group of children, it is almost impossible to keep tabs on all of them all of the time. In the moment that you look away, you can almost guarantee something of yours will be snapped or shattered. Of course, it is not the children’s fault, they don’t know what is valuable and what is not. To them, everything is a toy — even things that have no play value, like a vase or clock. Save yourself some mourning and host your child’s birthday party where you know they cannot do any harm to your priceless items.

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Hosting a party can rack up a pretty penny, especially when organizing the whole event from scratch. By this we mean, you create the activities, make the food, and bake your own cake. Ingredients and party favors can add up in expenses, which can really hurt your wallet in the long run.
By hosting at an indoor trampoline park, you don’t have to worry about providing entertainment for your children and their friends. All you need to think of is getting food and possibly a cake. In this way, your stress threshold is significantly decreased, as Rebounderz makes the whole process a lot easier.

Days of Preparation
When planning your kid’s birthday party, you can almost guarantee that you will be up planning the event for days. You will try to plan every aspect of the party to ensure that the children are happy and safe the entire time they are at your house. However, this planning can be taxing on your brain and can cause undue stress. Children naturally desire to be entertained 24/7, which would not be a problem if they didn’t have such little attention spans. This provides an extra challenge when trying to plan a day full of activities that are as entertaining as they are captivating for long periods of time. Unfortunately, creating multiple activities can be difficult, expensive, and time consuming. Having your kid’s birthday party at Rebounderz is a fantastic idea because we have countless attractions that can keep your guests active and busy for hours at a time. Not only will your child have a memorable birthday, but all of your guests will be fully satisfied with their time at the party!

There is always a dispute
No matter how much you try to make things fair, kids will always find a reason to whine or start a dispute with another child. Depending on your kid’s age, disputes can start over who got more candy, what candy they got, how big their slice of cake was, etc. No matter what you do, someone will begin to argue with someone else, which normally leads to tears — loud, whiny tears. You then have no choice but to begin your role of mediator between the two parties, explaining how the “plaintiff” has no reason to be arguing with the crying “defendant”. This mini dispute court session takes up most of your time during the day, as well as your attention. Instead of enjoying the day, you have to try to make sure both parties are happy, which normally means giving them more cake or candy and sending them on their way back to the party. Dealing with disputes wastes time, you would be better off if you had organized the birthday party celebration at a Rebounderz, where there would be no reason for kids to argue with each other.

There are plenty of other reasons why hosting your kid’s party at your home is a phenomenally bad idea, not only for the state of your mental health, but the state of your home. Kids are naturally loud, messy, and energetic. It is impossible to watch all of them all the time and make sure they aren’t getting into anything they should not be. Also, entertaining a large party of children can be difficult, as their attention spans and patience levels are not that high. You might be adding more stress on yourself trying to provide a party full of fun, than having fun yourself. That is why it is a good idea to host your child’s birthday party at your local Rebounderz. We are more than equipped to handle large parties, and we offer a full day of fun with all of our attractions. If you are interested in actually enjoying your child’s birthday party, you may want to go to Rebounderz. Contact us today!

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