The Indoor Luau Your Child Won’t Forget

If you have a child who was born during the summer, the odds are that they love the beach and warm weather. But planning a kid’s party during the summer can often be challenging. Between warm weather and unpredictable rainstorms, you have a recipe for disaster. Not to mention that your child has already had the beach party and the pool party, and even the backyard slip n’ slide party to boot. It’s gotten old, and it’s gotten old fast. You’re looking for a new way to throw your child a birthday party they won’t forget with a beach theme to win over their heart. Look no further than Rebounderz of Apopka for a kid’s luau party your child won’t soon forget.

When you opt to book your kid’s birthday party with Rebounderz of Apopka, you can opt to host the party in our private luau room. This room is decorated in a variety of beach-themed accessories and trimmings in order to help bring the outdoors inside. However, this won’t be just any luau. While you will be able to do pizza, cake, and presents in your private luau room, there is so much more to do at a Rebounderz luau.

When your guests show up, greet them with leis and sunglasses. Let them drop off their presents in the private room and grab some jump socks before you let them all go wild in the jump arena.

The best part about any birthday party at Rebounderz is the open jump time that is included in the package. All the attractions are available for all party-goers to play on for 60-90 minutes. This play time is active and tons of fun. The best part is that it’s something completely different. Instead of playing in a pool or at the beach, they get to bounce around the jump arena, dive into the foam pit, and slam dunk at the basketball slam. You never have to contend with the temperamental summer weather. There is no risk of heat exhaustion from being in the sun.

After jump time is over, retire to the private luau room and chow down on pizza and cake. Pick a cake that matches the theme. Perhaps an ice cream cake made to look like a beach, or if your child loves Moana, stick with the Disney theme. Once all the kids’ tummies are full, take some time to slow down and have a fun hula lesson in the room. Let the kids learn how to do a basic hula dance that they’ll remember for quite some time. Let them imitate their favorite characters, from Moana and Maui to Lilo and Stitch.

Once the party is through, it’s time to send happy, tired kids home with a bunch of goodies. Opt for pineapple candies, beach buckets, or bubbles, among many other luau party favor ideas.

Here at Rebounderz, you can have your kid’s party that they are not soon to forget without the weather getting in the way of all the fun. Book your child’s birthday party at Rebounderz Apopka today!


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