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Anyone who has worked in an office environment or in the corporate world knows how hard it can be to build a cohesive team that functions like a well-oiled machine. With the many different ways to communicate with teammates and the isolation that often happens, even in an office setting, it’s important to work towards building a strong team with activities outside of the office.

Let’s say that you’re in charge of figuring out how to bring your team from mediocre to superior with the help of some type of team building event. There are many types of team building events to choose from. You could opt for a zipline course or even a leadership lunch. But these tend to have many drawbacks that really don’t inspire team bonding.

Enter Rebounderz of Jacksonville

What better place to create camaraderie and improve team building than a fun environment like a trampoline park. Here at Rebounderz of Jacksonville, we’re able to tailor your team building event to fit your needs. We can provide open play time, for adults to let out their inner kid, or we can structure activities in order to accomplish certain goals.

We’re big fans of using dodgeball as part of our team building activities. How great would it be to let different departments take each other on in an intense, high-stakes game of dodgeball for bragging rights? These kinds of activities help to build the bonds between team members. You also get a sense of the current team structure and how people may act different in a work versus casual environment. Perhaps someone who is shy, you come to find out, is a great leader when faced with a dodgeball challenge. And for those individuals who have a hard time bonding with the group, this is the perfect, relaxed atmosphere.

The other benefit of doing team building exercises at Rebounderz of Jacksonville is that it creates a stress-free, non-judgemental environment for employees to open up and express themselves. The fun that can be had at Rebounderz truly lasts and spills over into the workplace. You better believe that the person who knocks the manager out of the dodgeball game will be bragging for weeks. But the laughs will last even longer.

Lastly, it’s worthwhile to plan your team building during work hours. This way you can easily get everyone involved and give your employees a type of reward for all the hard work they do everyday. In a lot of ways, playing at a trampoline park is a form of de-stressing that many individuals need when it comes to a work environment. Let coworkers get to know each other better during this relaxing time and hopefully, the bonds will stay for long after.

Let Rebounderz of Jacksonville make your team bonding experience fun, memorable, and easy. Contact our event planning team today to get a quote and to learn more about what we can do to meet your specific needs! Call now.


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