How to Jump Higher (Even When You Don’t Have a Trampoline!)

Do you love the feeling you get when you are jumping high in our trampoline park in Edison? It’s a great feeling, soaring into the air and trying to hit your highest jump yet. We use only top-quality trampolines in our park so you get the best bounce possible. It can make regular jumping on land feel kind of disappointing. But there are a number of ways that both kids and adults can increase their jumping ability even when they aren’t on one of our awesome trampolines! Here are our best tips for getting more distance out of every jump.

Do These Daily Exercises to Get More Distance


This is essentially how you’ll practice your jumps. Start in a standing position, then crouch down, bending your knees and keeping your back straight. Then leap up into the air as quickly as possible, straightening your knees and pushing off with the balls of your feet. As you land, come back down into the crouch position and immediately leap up again. You can add to the intensity of your jumping practice by doing it with a couple dumbells in your hands. This will be building your muscles and give you more resistance to work against. That way when the dumbells aren’t there, it will feel easier to jump even further.


This is another great way to train your body to jump higher! Using the same crouch-and-jump strategy above, this time you’ll be jumping onto something. It could be an apple crate, a step, or a solid wood box. Just make sure that it’s solid enough to hold your weight and won’t move out from underneath you (you can place it up against a wall to keep it in place). Leap onto the box using both of your feet from the crouching position, hold for a few seconds, and then leap back down. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this one works to build power in your legs!

Deadlift for Leg Muscles

You’ll probably need to do this sort of jumping practice at the gym because you’ll need a barbell with the amount of weight you know you can deadlift. Deadlifting means lifting as much weight as you can straight up, then setting the weight back down while keeping it in your control. You’ll start in a crouching position and then straighten your legs to bring up the barbell. This is a major workout for your arms, back, and legs, all of which are important when you are working on your verticle leap.

And some additional tips…

  • Push off the ground with the balls of your feet and try to straighten your hips, legs, and back as quickly as possible to get the most lift.
  • Practice, practice, practice! Like with most things, the more you practice jumping the better you are going to be at it.
  • Use your arms. Your arms provide you with a lot of momentum in your jump. Start with them down by your side and then swing them up as you jump up.
  • Strength and flexibility matter. Building strength in your body, especially your legs, will help you jump up higher. You should work on your flexibility, too, which can help you get more momentum going.
  • Don’t get discouraged if you are short! Height doesn’t really matter. In fact, some shorter people find it easier to jump higher because their muscles are compact and are able to spring into action faster.

Wait…Does Jumping Really Matter?

Yes! You might think that jumping is just something that we do for fun during a visit to a trampoline park. That’s not true, though! Jumping helps your body burn calories. If you decide to put your jumping skills to the test with a jump rope, you can burn almost 500 calories in just 30 minutes. While jumping can place additional stress on your bones, that could actually be a good thing. It could help strengthen your bones and help prevent health concerns like osteoporosis in the future. It’s also good for your core strength, exercises your heart, and can even help release endorphins that help improve your mood. Plus, it can be an advantage for virtually any sport you play, because it trains your muscles to react with explosive power, getting you where you need to go faster. The benefits of jumping are even greater in a game like basketball! Think of your favorite basketball player moving down the court and leaping for the net; we bet they had an amazing vertical leap!

And you’ll get all of those benefits whether you are jumping in or out of our Edison trampoline park, so it’s time to focus on your jumping skills and see just how high you can really go.

Book Your Jump Time and Practice Your Jumping Skills

Put your new jumping skills to the test here at Rebounderz in Edison! We have a facility where you can get more distance out of every leap and challenge yourself to push your jumping skills even further. Whether you just want to reach the highest jump on our trampoline park or take your skills to the next level on our Ninja Warrior course, we’re here for you. Our facility is open seven days a week and late on the weekends to meet all of your jumping needs. Visit our website to learn more about our hours, rates, and all the great areas where you could be practicing your jump!

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