Parents have a lot on their plate, from socialization, to education, to just plain keeping the kids alive. That’s a lot for anybody to do. Naturally, it probably feels like you’re being pulled in a ton of different directions all of the time. Luckily there are some habits you can create that will do wonders for your kids as they turn into adults. One of those habits is daily reading. There is no better skill to not only give your child an edge in school and life, but also instill a sense of wonder about the world. If you are looking for books for you and your child to get into, here is a list of some of our favorites.

Where The Wild Things Are

This classic children’s book by Maurice Sendak has been delighting kids for generations. We all know our little ones are wild things at heart, and they will appreciate all the wonderful characters they get to meet in this book. We all need to let our little monsters out every once in a while, but that doesn’t mean that your family won’t be there waiting when you get back.

Owl Moon

If you like midnight forest illustrations, then you will love this children’s book by Jane Yolen and John Schoenherr. Many bird watchers owe their hobby to the interest sparked by this book. Join this father/daughter duo in their search for the great and elusive horned owl. There is plenty of woodland adventure to be had along the way!

The Giving Tree

This Shel Silverstein classic teaches your kids moral lessons about giving while having fun along the way. Follow the story of a giving tree that sacrifices its life for a little boy who turned into a self centered adult. This book is often interpreted through environmental or religious lines, but everybody agrees that it excels with its poignant theme of the importance of generosity.

Harold and the Purple Crown

The power of a child’s imagination should never be underestimated. You’ll see just what a kid can do with a little imagination and a purple crown in this wonderful children’s book by Crockett Johnson. Just make sure to monitor your kids’ crayon access in the house afterward.

The Frog and Toad

What do frogs and toads have in common? A lot, it turns out! Follow the adventures of these two unlikely friends in this story collection by Arnold Lobel. This is a great story for showing kids how to overcome differences and maintain friendships. With great painted illustrations to lead you through the story, this is a must read to add to your list.


Hopefully at least one of these stories will prove new and interesting to you and your little ones. Reading is important to a child’s development, so remember to schedule book time in! When you want to get out for a fun time with the kiddos, take them to our Lansdale trampoline park. We host kids’ birthday parties and all kinds of other events. Give us a call for more information.


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