10 Resolutions Kids Made For The New Year

2018 is underway and a lot of people are working hard toward their New Year’s resolutions, but did you know many kids have their own resolutions, too? We’ve compiled some popular resolutions that kids have, along with some advice on how you can help them complete their goals. Is one of your resolutions spending more time with the family? If so, you can plan a fun family outing here at Rebounderz in Rohnert Park! We’ve got tons of activities and attractions that will get the whole family involved.

-Learn More New Things

Even though not every kid loves attending school, they all have a desire to learn. Whether it’s a new skill like singing, hula hooping, hearing about animals, or reading about the galaxy, kids love to learn. Ask your little one what interests them and provide them information about it. Take a trip to the library and check out books on the subject, watch YouTube videos about it together, and find ways that you can engage in this pursuit with them. Learning something new feels daunting for everyone, but it’s especially true for kids. If a parent is there learning along with them, it will make them feel more comfortable about the unknown. With that being said, it’s important you let them lead the way in this pursuit so they feel ownership of this accomplishment.

-Get Better At School

Many kids, as they get older, start to take notice of their performance in school. With most schools finishing up their first semester this month, report cards and parent-teacher conferences will be coming soon, and some kids might be frustrated with how this school year is going. Whether it’s getting better with addition, working on their penmanship, or improving their reading comprehension, there are many ways kids can improve and make school a little bit easier for themselves. Ask your kid what they feel like they struggle with and discuss how they would like to work on it. This could be anything from getting a tutor to work on classwork with them to finding books that engage them.

-Cut Out The Junk Food

It might surprise you to learn that a lot of kids are more conscious of what they eat than you may think. A desire to eat healthier and avoid fast food is fantastic and should be fostered. Find fun recipes and healthy twists on some of their favorite foods to encourage this resolution. Depending on your child’s age, this can be a great opportunity to start teaching them how to cook. Help them understand what foods they should steer away from, look for ways to include their favorite fruits and veggies, and ask them if they have ideas for dinner. Maybe they’re big fans of Ratatouille and want to try a dish from the movie!

-Get More Active

Kids love to run around, but they might want to start doing so with a bit more structure. Maybe they want to start playing sports recreationally or for their school. They might just want to get healthier so they can play with their friends longer. No matter what their end goal is, getting more active is a great resolution to have. Try going on a family run, do some easy exercises together, or play some sports together to get everyone involved. Why not come into Rebounderz and jump around our trampoline park? Jumping on a trampoline is one of the most effective and fun exercises out there!

-Help Mom and Dad With Their Resolutions

A lot of kids have shown a desire to help their parents meet their goals; such as helping them to quit smoking, exercising, or eating healthier. No matter the resolution, kids want to see their parents successful and happy. Get them involved in working toward your resolution and make it a family activity. Many people say they fail at their resolutions because they don’t have any accountability. When your kids are invested in your success, you’re more likely to follow through with what you promise.

-Going Green

As children begin to learn more about the world and science, they become conscious of how their actions affect the world at large. Starting a recycling system in the house, unplugging devices when they’re not being used, turning off lights when they leave the room, and walking to school are all super easy ways to adopt a green lifestyle. The future of the earth greatly affects the next generation, so it stands to reason that kids would want to take care of the planet.

-Hit Big Milestones

When you’re growing up, there are a lot of things older kids do on a daily basis that younger kids can’t do yet. It’s easy to get frustrated when you can’t do something that seems easy to an older sibling, so many kids make a milestone their resolution. It could be learning to tie their shoes or using the big potty, all of these milestones are great to pursue. Find out what they want to work toward and give them helpful guidance along the way so they can cross something big off their list of accomplishments.

-Get Involved With Charity

An incredible thing to witness is the empathy children can express toward the less fortunate. Your kid might want to donate hair to Wigs For Kids, help pick up the local park, participate in a charity marathon, or volunteering with a soup kitchen. Empathy is something that can go to the wayside as we get older, so fostering a desire to give back is a wonderful thing you can do for your kids.

-Improving Daily Behavior

Depending on your child’s demeanor, they may be easy going or they could act out more. When temper tantrums and other bad behavior are a daily occurrence, improving how they act is a great goal for a kid to take on. Not only will it make your life easier, it will also make interactions at school and home less stressful for everyone. When they’ve pinpointed a behavior they want to work on, give them help to do better, but don’t be too hard on them if they slip back into bad habits. Just help them get back on track. Changing behavior is hard no matter your age, and getting scolded for failing will make them less inclined to improve themselves in the future.

-Keep Having Fun

More than anything, kids want to have fun and be creative. Even if their resolution isn’t realistic, there are ways you can help them have fun with it. Maybe they want to build a teleporter that sends them straight to Disneyland; get them a Lego set and let them design and create to their heart’s content. Engage their creativity and get their minds working to find new ways to have fun.

Self-improvement isn’t a desire reserved for adults. Kids are more aware of their lives than you might think. Give them the tools and the assistance to help them hit their goals and you’ll see positive effects for years to come. Whether your little one wants to get more active or have more fun, they’re sure to achieve their resolutions at Rebounderz here in Rohnert Park. Jump around in our super safe and fun trampoline park or test your might on our Ninja Warrior course. We want to put a spring in your step in 2018.

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