Spending Money on Experiences Not Materials

We think Madonna said it best when she claimed, “We are living in a material world.” Much of how we, as humans, determine success is by the wealth we accumulate and the materials we can purchase with those riches. If you think solely on the ideal of materials being “success” you will rarely ever find joy. After all, materials are just objects. They may give you momentary bliss, but that will soon fade.

Companionship and experience is the driving force of humanity and what pushes us to do and become better. Materials will not give you satisfaction for very long, and the amount of materials needed to give you joy will only increase over time. The amount you accumulate will never be enough, but happy memories filled with fun and love; those can last you a lifetime.

When you fall into the habit of depending on wealth and material goods, you often will find yourself wanting, never really reaching your maximum state of happiness. It is said by Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, that part of the reason why material goods cannot sustain human happiness is because of our ability for adaptation. Humans adapt — that is what we are good at. We see something, we analyze it, use it, and grow away from it. The same is no different in regard to material things. We become used to something, so therefore it loses its ability to excite us. In children, it is important that you instill in them the ability to see the difference between momentary happiness versus long-term happiness.

Children will learn from their parents almost everything they will use when they grow up. If a child is raised in a home that values material wealth higher than emotional love, the child will pass on that mind set. It is important for you as a parent to teach your children the value of relationships and experiences.
One way in which to instill in your children the importance of experience is to regularly plan excursions that do not involve their toys. Children can often become mesmerized by their shiny toys, and lose sight of nature and those around them. As their parent, you should encourage them to look beyond a screen and create new and lasting memories with them.

Some assume that “experience” is a rough translation for adventure. When you go on an adventure, that tends to mean that you must leave your home. In fact, this is not true. You can have an adventure or an experience right in your home! Building experiences with your child could be as simple as baking cookies, making forts, or playing games. When you spend quality time with your child, you are reminding them that they are loved. From these tender moments of mutual love, they learn that these experiences are far more superior than any material gift could give.

If you are, however, interested in forming a lasting memory with your child, outside your house, you may want to choose a playground. Though most public parks and even some food chains have playgrounds, it is rare that these play areas are suited for parents to join in on the fun. When you bring your child to Rebounderz, we offer you a play area where you both can utilize our trampolines and our other attractions. Together, you and your child can play, bounce, and climb through our attractions. While having a memorable day full of play and fun, you will be simultaneously proving to your child that experiences triumph over materials. Come by your local Sterling, VA, indoor trampoline park today and see how you could create a lasting memory with your child!

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