The Many Physical Benefits of Joining the Rebounderz Revolution

Let’s face it; kids and adults don’t get nearly enough exercise these days for the sedentary lives that many of us lead. With childhood obesity on the rise and joint injuries happening younger and younger, there is a lot to be said about the amount and quality of exercise that many of us get. We understand, it’s hard to get started or that it’s hard to find time, but there is no longer a need for excuses. When you opt to join in the rebounding fun at Rebounderz trampoline park in Apopka, you’re setting your whole family up for fitness success.

What is rebounding?

Rebounding originally started in the 1970s, with the first patents of small trampolines. The actual definition of rebounding or a rebounder is someone who participates in “elastically leveraged, low-impact exercise.” This form of exercise quickly became popular because it was able to provide extreme benefits with minimal impact on the joints and body as a whole. In fact, NASA uses rebounding in zero-gravity in order to help astronauts maintain bone mass and physical wellness while in space.


So, what are the many physical benefits of playing at a Rebounderz trampoline park?

Cardiovascular Intensity

Exercise of any sort can help to improve your overall cardiovascular and heart health. However, the intensity of working out on trampolines helps to bring your cardiovascular health to a new level. In a fun environment, you’re able to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing for improved circulation and oxygenation.

Easier on Your Joints

While cardiovascular activities typically come with the caveat of being hard on your joints, you’re in luck. Playing at a trampoline park is much easier on your joints than other activities such as running, crossfit, or traditional team sports. You can get in all the muscle working benefits without having your knees or back scream at you later from high impacts.

Improved Lymphatic Function

While this may seem like a rather odd benefit, it’s very true. The motion in rebounding allows your body to easier move lymphatic fluids out of areas where they traditionally collect, causing improved drainage. This also has the ability to help increase your immune system since it is better able to circulate lymphatic fluids just from a little bounding on some trampolines.

Twice as Effective as Running

We mentioned how helpful playing on trampolines can be for your cardiovascular health, but do you know how beneficial they really are? If you spend 15 minutes running, you may burn roughly 171 calories. When you spend that much time actively jumping the the trampoline, you’re going to double the amount of calories you burn. Rebounding is genuinely twice as effective as running when it comes to health benefits.

Whole Body Exercise

There are some activities out there that truly do give your whole body a run for its money, such as swimming, but other activities simply won’t. Biking may be good for cardiovascular exercise, but you won’t get the same whole body benefits. Rebounding truly provides whole body benefits because you do use your whole body. It’s exceptionally helpful for your leg and core strength, but don’t forget, your whole body gets moving when you jump.

Improved Balance

There are a variety of activities and exercises that can help strengthen stabilizing muscles and improve balance, but there aren’t many activities that can actually help to improve balance from your ear. Rebounding at trampoline parks helps to improve your balance through the constant motion and jostling your inner ear receives. The jumping motion helps to stimulate the vestibule found in your inner ear, which is a main component in your ability to balance well.

Rebounding is Fun!

The number one reason to get involved in rebounding and go play at trampoline parks isn’t just for the above benefits, but simply because it’s fun. Rebounding is something that the whole family can participate in and benefit from. It’s a great way to bond and get exercise together in a positive environment.

Help your family and help yourself find improved health with the benefits of rebounding and the fun found at trampoline parks. Make Rebounderz of Apopka your go-to family entertainment center for health and happiness. Come and jump with us today!

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