Munchkin & Me is a Great Time for the Active Toddler

Every mom of a toddler knows that it’s helpful to find activities to entertain your child while keeping them physically active. They’ll be happy to play, and the fact that the will wear themselves out helps naptime and the rest of the day. This fun program for young children is the perfect chance for you to play with your child, for your child to play with other children, and for you to meet other moms.

  • Munchkins & Me is for children seven and under.
  • During the school year, the hours of Tuesday and Friday from 11 to 1. During the summer, the hours are Tuesday and Friday from 9 to 11.
  • Parents, grandparents and caregivers will all love bringing young kids for a romp on the trampolines.
  • The well-padded trampolines give the children an opportunity to play while they develop gross motor skills like jumping and working on their balance.
  • They can play with the foam blocks, and build whatever their imagination leads them to build.
  • We have other toys and refreshments to keep them, and you, happy.

Join us for our Munchkin & Me sessions and end up with a happy, tired child who will be eager to share the tales of their trampoline adventures. Gather some friends and head to Rebounderz for some Munchkin & Me time!