Ninja Warrior Course For Fun and Fitness!

If you are working on getting fit to conquer the new, exciting Ninja Warrior Course at Rebounderz Rohnert Park, one word you may come across, again and again, is plyometrics. Unless you are already pretty hardcore into working out, this might sound like a foreign language. But, knowing what plyometrics are and incorporating them into your workout will benefit your overall fitness, strength, and agility, and they will all give you an edge on the Ninja Warriors Course.

What is Plyometrics?

The concept behind plyometrics is really quite simple. At the center of plyometrics, is full-body quick release actions. Any action, like jumping, that involves multiple muscle groups to work together is essentially plyometric. It may be tempting to think that jumping involves just your legs, but when you involve your back and arms, your jump will become more powerful and you will jump farther or higher. Some types of jumps that will help you develop your jumping power include rebounding jumps, cone jumps, and hurdle jumps, this according to breakingmuscle.com.


Box Rebounding Jumps

These are jumps you do up onto a box. One key element to a well-done rebound jump is to land on the top of the box with your knees bent and your feet together and close to the edge. When you land on the ground, you want to land again with your knees bent so you can pop right back up onto the box. One of the best things to do in this jump is to involve your arms. Move your arms in a circular motion to add to your momentum. Start these jumps at a low level at first, and then slowly move to higher and higher boxes. It’s important to do your calf and Achilles’ tendon stretches before you do these jumps so you don’t hurt yourself.

Cone Jumps6

The name of these jumps gives away the game here. These jumps are done around and over a traffic cone. You can use pretty much anything as a substitute for the cone. The goal of these jumps is to jump as fast as you can in a side-to-side fashion. The more consistent and rhythmic you can jump, the better. You can start off with a low object and jump laterally over it. As soon as you hit the ground on one side, launch yourself back over it. A variation of this is to jump onto a low box and then off in the opposite direction and then back, eventually jumping all the way over it without stopping at the top of the box.


Hurdle Jumps

If you know what a hurdle is, you know that it is usually jumped in intervals with measured running steps between the hurdles, but for plyometrics, you are going to shake things up a bit. For plyometric hurdle jumps, you will place the hurdles close together and jump over them from a standing position. This is, obviously, an advanced jump, but you can find something to take the place of the hurdles until you achieve mastery of the movement, and then you can advance to hurdles. Plyometric hurdle jumps can be done frontward or sideways. You will jump over the hurdle, bounce once and launch yourself over the next hurdle. The kind of explosive power you’ll get from these jumps will come is very handy on a Ninja Warrior Course!

How will jumps help me on the Ninja Warrior Course at Rebounderz Rohnert Park?

Practicing plyometric jumps will significantly improve your Ninja Warrior Course performance, one way obstacle element they will improve your performance on is Quad jumps.. Every Ninja Warrior Course has quad jumps. Quad jumps are where you leap from one side of the obstacle course to the other, with varying degrees of distance between landing pads. Being able to spring from one pad to the next without having to stop will increase your chances of making it all the way through. The overall agility, strength, and conditioning improvements that you’ll experience from these jumps will really pay off in the Ninja Warrior Course.

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