Rebounderz is proud to be part of a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages. While we have a variety of customers, young people are at the heart of our business; we love providing them with a safe place to gather and to be physically active.

The Struggle is Real

In the last 30 years, childhood obesity in America has mushroomed. According to the CDC, the number of obese children has gone from 7 percent in 1980 to almost 18 percent in 2012. As a result of obesity, children can face a number of serious medical issues, from Type 2 Diabetes to clinical depression.

Fitness is a Lifestyle

Both children who need to lose weight and those who don’t need to, can learn that fitness is not something you do periodically to reach a goal, but instead that it needs to be a lifestyle. Rebounderz offers programs for all ages so that we can play a role in a healthy lifestyle. To learn some tips to help your family embrace a healthy, fit lifestyle, keep reading!

The Right Fuel

Eating a healthy diet is as essential as moving in your fitness equation since what you are looking for is a healthy ratio of calories taken in and energy expended. For kids who need to lose weight, watching what the eat has to be something they take ownership of. Forcing a child to eat what they don’t want to or restricting their food extremely can backfire and cause unhealthy eating habits. When a person takes ownership of their food intake it is much more likely to stick with them as opposed to something that they are compelled to eat.

An Electronic Diet

Few and far between is the person who doesn’t need to just put down the electronics these days. Parents answer emails, pay bills and read the news all on devices. Kids text and snapchat their friends and check their homework assignments and everyone is busy catching Pokemon! Ok Pokemon is great for exercise but the rest of those activities are usually done sitting down. Set limits on afterschool TV / electronics too. Turning off all electronic 90 minutes before bed is recommended to help kids sleep too.

Move Daily

School-aged kids need to get outside to run around before school, a sort of at home recess. So, turn off the breakfast time TV and send them outside as soon as they are done with breakfast. Kids will get to burn off energy so they’ll concentrate at school better and sleep better when they are tired from being active. Rebounderz Rohnert Park is proud to be a part of kids healthy lives. We have kids come to Rohnert Park from across Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties, from Santa Rosa to Napa.

Make Moving Fun

It’s not every kid who will jump at the chance to pick up jogging or voluntarily attend a fitness class. For those kids, making exercise fun is the key to improving their fitness. Finding calorie burning, energy expending activities that are fun can be hard. Some kids want to learn to sail, others to play dodge ball. At Rebounderz Rohnert Park, we have a huge space filled with a variety of activities. Bring your kids and see which ones he or she gravitates to. When you find that one, you know you can depend on it to get your kid moving in the direction of fitness.  

Show it Off!

Show your kids you are proud of them being active by posting pictures of them being active with the hashtag #FitKid! It’s a worldwide trend and you can add to it with your own images and activities! Come to Rebounderz and jump, and play your way to fitness!
Explore our site to see what activities would get your kids excited and come and play with them!