October is National Bullying Prevention Month – How Rebounderz Helps

Rebounderz and Bullying

Bullying, unfortunately, is a very real part about growing up. The strong will often prey on the weak or innocent. Because this is a fact, many kids grow up feeling alone or ashamed. Bullying can lead to low self-esteem, anxiety, and even depression in young children. The happiest childhood can easily be overcast by bullying and constant teasing. Really good moments can be poisoned by a mean-hearted joke, a rumor, or even physical bullying.
Rebounderz takes bullying very seriously, and as it is National Bullying Prevention month, we would like to shed some light on the subject of bullying in America.

Bullying Happens More Than Once

Though bullying can have lasting effects in just one incident, bullying is rarely ever done once. Most times, bullies choose to tease other students two or three times a month. Though the bullying can range from small comments to severe physical torture, even once, it is never acceptable.
Unfortunately, in America, bullying is very common. As much as 17 percent of students report being bullied two to three times a month and the bully is never punished. Over 3.2 million students in America are the victims of bullying each year, which means millions are struggling without any hope of being heard. Though Rebounderz is just an indoor trampoline park, we recognize that bullying is an issue in the United States. Because of this, we have a no-bullying policy in our park. We encourage cooperative play and jumping times. Anyone caught bullying could have their jumping right revoked, and if bad enough, asked to leave our trampoline arena.

Consequences of Bullying

The Victims: Victims of bullying can find that they are not as motivated to go to school, participate in their passions, and even hang out with friends. Isolation is, unfortunately, a primary symptom of bullying, as victims will feel insecure and outcasted. Because of this, victims can back themselves “into a corner” where they don’t feel comfortable to be themselves. Being constantly bullied can make victims want to skip school to avoid situations where they could be victimized. For instance, over 160,000 teens reportedly skip school every day to avoid being picked on by bullies.

The Bully: Bullying is often a side effect of being bullied, ignored, or abused in some aspect outside life. Bullies tend to feel victimized in their lives themselves, which makes them feel like they need to bully others to regain control over their own dominance. Even the sweetest person could become a bully if they feel pressured to show dominance over someone else. Even though bullies can be rotten, there is generally always an explanation for their behavior. Regardless of why they bully, bullies tend to behave poorly to others to achieve something, either to make friends or to show power and control. However, when kids bully, it typically results in the opposite. Kids are less likely trust a bully to be their friend, which often leaves the bully to be in complete isolation for most of their school years.
Bullies tend to bully to gain control or power, but this isn’t definite either. When kids bully, it shows that something is very seriously wrong, either in school life or home life. Bullying alerts others that something is fundamentally wrong in a child’s life, especially if they think physical and verbal abuse is the way to get what they want.

Who Can You Reach Out To?

By 14, 30 percent of boys and 40 percent of girls will talk to their peers about bullying. That means most kids will silently take being bullied and teased in silence. They can easily fill with hatred and loathing and have no outlet to relieve their frustration. In many cases, kids don’t want to snitch on others to tell a grown up that something is wrong. But, by staying silent, the issue is never resolved, which mean the bully is never punished.
If your child is being bullied, they should absolutely tell their teacher or a grown-up. Bullying should never be tolerated in schools. But, unfortunately, even when bullying is happening every day, teachers are only able to intervene four percent of the time. That means the rest of bullying situations are never addressed.

Why Are Kids Mean?

Children are naturally mean, whether they mean to be or not. So, why are kids mean? Well, younger kids can be mean because they have not yet learned shame or how feelings and emotions work. However, older children between eight and 18 are mean because they are angsting about their lives. Puberty and adolescents, in general, are stressful times, which means bullying can be prevalent.

Rebounderz Rohnert

At Rebounderz, we have a no bullying rule. You can come enjoy our trampolines and other attractions, but bullying at our indoor trampoline park is never tolerated. Rebounderz is a place to have fun and enjoy being a kid. If you would like to have an afternoon filled with laughter and fun, visit your local Rohnert Rebounderz today!

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