Planning a Great Holiday Party

As December has begun in earnest, many families are beginning to plan their holiday parties for the coming weeks. With this in mind, we’ve compiled some helpful tips to guide you in planning your holiday party. If you’re looking for a great place to hold your holiday party that will set it apart from the norm, come on into Rebounderz in Edison. With a large, wide-open trampoline park and a super fun Ninja Warrior course, we’ve got the set pieces to take your holiday party to the next level.

Start Organizing

Even when you are planning a pretty simple party, the more time you have to organize, the better. When you start earlier, it lets the excitement build and leaves fewer details in question at the last minute. It will also give everyone plenty of time to return RSVPs, letting you know if they will be attending. We recommend planning around six weeks ahead of when you’re going to have your party. Have a week to week list of tasks that need to be done to maximize your organization.

Timing Is Important

When planning your party, you should consider when it will take place. Plan it around the ages of the children that will be attending. While younger children will have nap times to work around, so you’ll want to plan a shorter get together, older kids will likely enjoy a party later in the day more.

Include the Kids

Keep in mind who the party is intended for. Involve the kids in the planning of the party to get them invested in it. Have a craft day where you make the decorations together. This will give them a sense of ownership in the party. It will also result in a much more creative and original party than one with decorations purchased at a store. Let them help with other decisions, like food and games to play, so everyone is on board with the party’s agenda. Guide them to fun holiday-themed food choices. If you plan on providing goodie bags, ask your kids what their friends would enjoy for party favors.

Custom Cookies

A really fun activity is a cookie decoration station. Bring around two cookies for every guest, along with different colors of icing, sprinkles, and other decorations. Have the kids design one cookie to give to a friend, and one for themselves. This gets everyone involved and is a really easy gift exchange style activity without much overhead required. It’s a project that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age.

Game Time

There are so many fun and exciting holiday-themed games you can line up for your party. From Pin the Tail on the Reindeer to a Gift Stacking game, there’s plenty to choose from, regardless of your budget going in. Ask your kids what some of their favorite games are and see if you can give them a holiday twist. For example, if your child really enjoys playing Simon Says, tweak it a bit with Santa Says, with the activities given as directions having a Santa slant.

Location Is Everything

Depending on the size of the party you’re planning, it may outgrow the bounds of your home. When that’s the case, you’ll need to find a location that has enough room for your party, while providing special activities that you don’t need to plan. This will also provide you with an environment you can plan your party around.

Why not take a look at Rebounderz in Edison as your perfect party location? We’ve got an awesome trampoline park, a great Ninja Warrior course, and plenty of room to entertain your guests. Give us a call today to schedule your holiday party!

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