How Sports Improves Sportsmanship

With the 2018 Winter Olympics a little less than two weeks away, it is easy to get into the competitive spirit. Any parents have probably wondered if their child is the next Olympic star that will one day be medaled a victor.
In truth, any child can be an Olympic champion if they train and work hard on their skills. Many of our American Olympic athletes have trained since they were very small, and have made decisions based on how far they were willing to take their sport. Training, in many ways, is difficult. For one, training often is expensive and requires a great amount of sacrifice. Time is always an enemy and everyday activities must be cut short in order to make room for the time needed for training. In many respects, professional athletes have to give up a lot of their everyday lives. However, what makes every passed opportunity worth it is the fact that they love their sport and enjoy what they do.
At Rebounderz, we believe that instilling friendly competition and sport in children is important. We believe, that, by offering children a play area where they can explore different physical activities, they can find a sport they are good at and equally enjoy. By giving them this “training ground,” we give children an opportunity to learn about sports for an affordable price.

The Joy of Sport

At Rebounderz, we strive to teach children the joy of sport. Our intention is to give kids the opportunity to learn how to play sports, and how to play them with others. So much of sportsmanship derives from a child’s ability to play with others and accept defeat or victory. If a child never learns to fairly play with other children, they will not socially develop what it means to be a “team player.” Sport is an incredible tool to use to help children learn how to be a good player and socially communicate with others their age.


When children grow up with an appreciation for playing sports, they are more likely to share. In sports, it is rare that someone plays by themselves. Most often, sports are team-based. Take basketball, for example, there are five players on a team and each player passes the ball. When a child learns that it is acceptable and expected to share the ball, they are more likely to use this principle, and use it in everyday life. For example, they will want to share their toys and other belongings more easily.


Teaching your child sports is an excellent way to teach your child motivation and competition. More importantly, how to control competition and when to admit defeat. In many ways, motivation and competition is important for humanity. Both push us further and create new innovations and achievements. However, though competition is often of chief importance, it is also important to teach humility. Much of the issue with competition is that it is rarely taught how to control and regulate. At Rebounderz, we offer little Olympians the opportunity to find their sport and play competitively with others their age.

Let Training Begin!

At your local Sterling, Virginia, Rebounderz, your child can use our obstacle courses and our trampoline arena as much as they want. Here, they can explore sports and decide what they like to play and have a skill for. We are Rebounderz believe that sports are incredibly important for a child’s mental and physical health. Sport is a great way to help children develop vital social skills that will allow them to achieve incredible things in their lives. If you believe that your child could benefit from learning the value of motivation and control of competition, bring him/her to your local indoor trampoline park. We welcome all athletes here!

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