Why Imagination is Important

At Rebounderz, we encourage the use of imagination. It is our belief, that when we allow children to imagine and day-dream, we are strengthening their minds for what they could be in the future. It is actually proven that when children are allowed to imagine, they are exercising locations in their brain, strengthening their ability to think holistically and use their intuition.

When anyone, including your children, uses their imagination, they are using the right side of their brain, also known as the right hemisphere.This side of the brain is responsible for artistic and imaginative thoughts, as well as rhythm. In comparison, the left brain is responsible for thinking logically, and is more concerned with interpreting reality. Surprisingly enough, when analyzing the brain, imagination and conceptualizing reality looks very different in the brain.

It has been found that not only are reality and imagination active in two different hemispheres of the brain, but they are interpreted differently as well. In the case of rational thinking, visual information flows upwards from the brain’s occipital lobe to the parietal lobe. The parietal lobe is associated with processing sensory information and aiding in physical navigation. The parietal lobe is also responsible for passing along information to the brain such as taste, temperature, and touch.

When assessing the workings of imaginative thought, the information is sent a different way through the brain. In the case of imaginative thoughts, information is sent the opposite way, from the parietal lobe to the occipital lobe. The occipital lobe is responsible for assigning meaning and remembering visual perceptions. It is extremely important for determining color, distance, and identifying stimuli, such as faces and your everyday surroundings. This spatial awareness is also called spatial reasoning and visual memory. When children exercise their imaginative thought, they are strengthening these skills for when they get older. By encouraging the use of imaginative thought, children’s abilities for memory and adept motor skills can only be improved.

In a developing brain, such as a child’s, it is important to have a full understanding of both logic and imagination. However, as children age, they are more likely to lose an aptitude for imaginative thought. This is no fault of their own, as society has placed new importance on learning more realistic thoughts. For example, in today’s learning institutions, there is pattern in which students are taught to the test. They are not able to widen their learning, as instructors are more concerned with their score on a singular test. Because of this, children’s thoughts become regimented and confined to learn only the knowledge that can give them a higher score, instead of using knowledge as a tool to improve their lives. More so, institutions are confining learning to include only factual, mathematical, and linear thinking as the only form of education. The failure in this style of learning, is that children do not get to fully utilize the other side of their brain, the artistic and holistic, right hemisphere. Because of this, children are at a disadvantage due to the fact that they are not strengthening both sides of their brain. More importantly, children who are more right-side inclined, are more likely to struggle with left-brain realistic thought. More and more, respect for the arts is dwindling, as schools suffer federal cut backs to liberal arts. Due to this fact, the importance of encouraging imagination is at an all time high.

By bringing your child to your local Apopka Rebounderz they will be able to use their imagination freely. As they bounce in our indoor trampoline park, they can imagine they are an astronaut, a superhero, or something else entirely! When you encourage your child to play, explore, and day-dream, you are allowing them to use and strengthen their brains to the fullest. Though with imagination they won’t be able to solve a math problem; by using their ability for imagination and creativity they can think of circumstances from a different viewpoint than most. After years of strict academics, they can lose touch with their creativity; however, with an encouraging parent behind them, they will be able to use their imagination to benefit them in the long-run. Bring your child to Rebounderz and give them the best start in life by allowing them to have a strong brain, on both sides! Visit us online today!

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